Native Remedies June 2005 Newsletter

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Presenting your Native Remedies June 2005 Newsletter which we hope you will find beneficial and informative!

Summer is upon us and this summer is a great opportunity for you to think about simple ways to start being more active, eating better and creating a healthy lifestyle that can last a lifetime. Here are some ideas and information from Native Remedies to get you and your family ready for a healthy and safe summer and to help in dealing with those summer ailments and conditions and to reduce the risks for developing chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

Introductions Just In Time for Summer!

The Native Remedies team is always searching for ways to expand our assortment and product mix for you and your needs. We have heard all of your requests are now pleased and proud to introduce to you, this Summer season, the following new and improved sleep formulas to help overcome your insomnia:

  • SerenitePlus - a combination herbal/homeopathic remedy especially formulated to treat symptoms of insomnia, especially sleep onset insomnia (difficulty falling asleep) and to assist in treatment of chronic insomnia. This combination of five herbs and minerals is 100% safe, proven and effective and will help you get a peaceful sleep when needed!
  • Serenite-LT – a compound formula that provides an effective long term sleep solution and is a unique herbal remedy with added nutrients, especially formulated to treat underlying causes of chronic insomnia in the long term.

So why not try SerenitePlus and Serenite-LT this summer and see and feel the difference! Find out more here...

Summertime Help for Your Child’s ADD/ADHD

On an important Summer season note, Summertime is the ideal time to wean your children OFF of prescription drugs and stimulants for ADD/ADHD and started them on all natural remedies such as our BrightSpark and Focus ADHD which are 100% natural, safe and effective WITHOUT the dangerous side effects and addiction of the prescription drug medications.

Many Parents often ask us whether their kids really need to take ADD/ADHD medicine during the summer. The answer is yes … Read more to find out why…

Staying Healthy During the Summer Season

Summer is already upon us! For many people, summer means fun in the sun. The kids are out of school, adults are going on vacations and it's time for outdoor activities like riding bikes and hosting barbecues and much more. Staying healthy during the summer requires more than just eating the right foods. Read more...

COMING SOON….. Herbal Remedies for Your Pets!

A range of 100% natural, safe and effective remedies especially formulated for pets by Native Remedies! For a wide range of pet disorders and conditions, and to help keep your pets healthy, fit and full of energy.
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Advice From Michele –
Recent AskUs Questions and Answers

On the AskUs facility on our web site you can ask our clinical psychologist, Michele, for advice and advice on our products - which ones to use, how best to use or combine them and more. Each month, we publish 3 or 4 of her answers to often-repeated or highly topical questions. To learn what others asking and if any might be useful for you or someone you know then please read on….

Submit your Testimonial.

As always, we enjoy learning how our products have helped you or your loved ones. So, why not help others by letting them know how our products have helped others! Read More ....

If you have enjoyed using our products and they have helped you, we would enjoy receiving your testimonial! By providing your testimonial, you will help by letting others know how they too can benefit from our remedies - and that is all in a good cause!

Look at what others have recently said about their experiences and success with Native Remedies:

“I have 6 year son (1st grader) who was constantly being a distraction in the classroom. The teacher was always sending negative reports about his behavior etc. Although I have not had my son tested for ADD or ADHD, he did show some signs such as talkative, being silly not really focusing. Just to include I do believe some not all teachers add to the problem. Anyway my son has been using BrightSpark since January 22, 2005 and over the past 2 weeks I have seen a real change. His appetite has picked up and he was on green 4 out of 5 days in one week which was rare before he started BrightSpark. I thank God I was able to find this product and surely has been a blessing so far. I pray it will continue to help my son and others.” – Sheila, NC, USA
Read More ....

Don't miss your next dose

Subscribe to our Reorder Reminder Service. Don't let you or your kids miss a dose, or have to pay for unnecessary order expediting charges. Sign up for our Reorder Reminder Service today, and get a monthly reminder email form us! Read More ....
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Free eBooklets with any Order

Don’t Forget About the FREE eBooklets available with any purchase from!

Native Remedies’ eBooklets are written by a practicing clinical psychologist based on her real-life consultations with real people, and they cover some of the most frequently dealt with problems that are submitted to the Native Remedies site.

The eBooklets are FREE to download when you purchase ANY product from our website. They are available on a wide variety of subjects from Anxiety to Depression to Weight Loss and much more! Something for everybody to choose from and we are continually adding new selections all the time!
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Monthly Specials

Every month, we offer specially reduced prices on three or four of our products, saving you up to 25% off our regular price!

These special promotions typically run from the first day of the month through to the last day of that month. To see which products are on special at any time, simply visit!

This month, find out more about the special pricing on iBaba, Serenite Caps, MemoRise, Gastronic Dr. and Triple Complex Diabetonic!

We Wish You Good Health!

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