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We welcome you to the Native Remedies Newsletter for October 2005.  We hope that you find this newsletter educational and beneficial! 

In this issue, Native Remedies highlights Family Health Month.  With the first hint of cold weather, now is the time to take a closer look at your health and to conduct a health inventory of your entire family

This means reviewing your eating habits, physical fitness, mental health and tobacco and alcohol use, and charting a course for a healthier lifestyle.  Take a look at some of the useful articles and information we have included. And, as appropriate, see which of our all natural herbal and homeopathic remedies might help you to achieve your health and lifestyle goals.

Thank you for your patronage, and we wish you a healthy fall!

How to Manage Health Care Information Effectively and Efficiently for You
and Your Family

Making confident health care decisions and taking care of yourself and family is always a challenge. It makes sense to get and have all of the information you can and have it readily accessible. 

You need to stay on track and in control of all the decisions you have to make whether you're a family of one, or a large, extended family.

Why do you need to manage health care information? Because everyone needs a medical history to share with providers each time they receive care. If you have children, you'll need to keep track of their checkups and immunizations for schools and camps. But adults also need to know their family medical history, especially as they get older and parents are no longer around to provide a verbal update.

Writing down everything - illnesses, surgeries, allergies, injuries, etc.- makes it easier for you to be treated now and to keep an eye out for future problems.

….Read On to Learn How to Manage Your Health Information

October is Family Health Month

October has been designated “Family Health Month”, by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).  October being Family Health Month is an ideal opportunity to remind everyone that their health and the health of their families are too important to get lost in the commotion and chaos of everyday life. Read More…

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100% Natural, Effective and Safe Herbal and Homeopathic
Remedies for You and
Your Family

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Pets Are Family Too!

Your pets are a precious part of your family.  They are also as varied as the people they live with and depend on you for their care. According to a recent study, nearly 90% of pet owners consider their pet to be part of the family.

Take care of your pet’s health with - A range of 100% natural, safe and effective remedies especially formulated for Pets by Native Remedies!  Naturally treat a wide range of pet disorders and conditions such as UTI, Digestion, Stress and Aggression, Anxiety, Heart and Muscle, Joint Pain, Energy & Vitality and many more.

Native Remedies News of the Month

  • New shipping options for our international customers now enable you to affordably get your products within 3 – 5 business days!
  • Visit, by Native Remedies, our recently-launched site with proven, safe and effective natural remedies for pets.
  • Be on the lookout for exciting new introductions – remedies for skin problems, bad breath and incontinence are arriving soon!

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Advice From Michele –Recent AskUs Questions and Answers

On the AskUs facility on our web site you can ask our clinical psychologist, Michele, for advice and advice on our products - which ones to use, how best to use or combine them and more. Each month, we publish 3 or 4 of her answers to often-repeated or highly topical questions.

To learn what others are asking and if any might be useful for you or someone you know then please read on….

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Submit your Testimonial

As always, we enjoy learning how our products have helped you or your loved ones. So, why not help others by letting them know how our products have helped others! Read More ....

If you have enjoyed using our products and they have helped you, we would enjoy receiving your testimonial! By providing your testimonial, you will help by letting others know how they too can benefit from our remedies - and that is all in a good cause!

Look at what others have recently said about their experiences and success with Native Remedies:

I don't know why, but I have suffered from UTI since I was a small child.  I have been taking antibiotics for years and getting bounce-back infections constantly.  I have been to see Urologists and many doctors and they can't offer much help beyond antibiotics.  Before I got pregnant with my son in March of 2004, I used UTI-Clear to treat an infection and didn't have another infection throughout my entire pregnancy. A month or so ago when my son was 6 months old, I got another infection.  I went to the doctor and got antibiotics for a quick fix.  Low and behold, here it is, just a month later, and I have another infection.  I ordered UTI-Clear again and I am sure to have great results.  Thank you for this great product that saves some of us unfortunate souls from a lot of pain.”– Adria, PA, USA
Read More ....

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As always, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line and let us know if you have any ideas, suggestions or thoughts.

Tell us what you think- Send your comments and share your thoughts and ideas for products that you’d like to see, recommendations, topics that you would like to read, raves or rants. Your feedback matters to us!

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Native Remedies' eBooklets are written by a practicing clinical psychologist based on her real-life consultations with real people, and they cover some of the most frequently dealt with problems that are submitted to the Native Remedies site.  

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