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Welcome to the New Year and your Native Remedies Newsletter for January 2006.  We hope that you enjoy this first newsletter of the year and find it valuable for a healthy year to come! 

Are you thinking about making some healthy changes for the New Year? The key to attaining better health is developing a strategy to incorporate healthy decisions and goals into your daily life and everyday habits.  The end of the calendar year is often a time of reflection about our lives and our performance as individuals. It also seems a natural time to make some new commitments about doing better in the coming year than we did in the past.

Native Remedies can assist you with keeping and maintaining your healthy choices and goals for the entire year and every year to follow.  With our wide selection of herbal and homeopathic remedies, there is something for everyone and every goal throughout the year. 

Healthy Resolution Suggestions

Write down healthy resolutions that you can and will achieve with a positive attitude. Write resolutions that are positive, specific, measurable and achievable. 

Following are just some suggestions that you can modify and adjust to fit your own health needs and goals:

  1. I will give myself and my family the gift of a healthier lifestyle this year.
  2. I will give myself the gift of a healthy breakfast each day.
  3. I will give myself the gift of stopping my unhealthy behaviors (e.g. smoking, drinking too much alcohol, etc.).
  4. I will wear my seat belt religiously.
  5. I will increase my water intake.
  6. I will take my necessary vitamins and supplements.
  7. I will practice proper dental hygiene.
  8. I will get my annual physical exam plus my pelvic, Pap smear, rectal exam, and mammogram.
  9. I will practice monthly breast self exams.
  10. I will increase my daily activity and enjoy it!

Find your own way to honor the needs of your body, mind and spirit!


Set Healthy Resolutions That CAN Be Achieved

To start, make resolutions that truly and honestly speak about you and what’s deep inside as these are the resolutions that you will keep.  When you begin your new year with solid direction and desired outcomes in mind, you set yourself up for great success. The New Year is a beginning, so new goals and resolutions, new plans, new dreams and new directions energize your mind and your thoughts. Learn More…

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Resolve to Live a Healthy Year and Use Any of Our 100% Natural, Effective and Safe Herbal and Homeopathic Remedies


You can make resolutions for your pets too! Since pets are such an important part of our lives, it only seems fair to include them in this New Year’s ritual of making resolutions. For example, resolve to help your pets slim down - show your pets you love them by giving them a healthy diet and the nutrients they need to live and be healthy. Overweight pets are prone to a number of problems including osteoarthritis, skin conditions, liver disease and heart disease.

"I wanted to write and thank you for recommending SlenderPet for my overweight cat. Along with the dietary changes you suggested, she has never looked better and is also far more active than she used to be. It must have been as you said that she had a sluggish thyroid. She used to sleep all day and all night and never show an interest in anything. I thought she was just lazy but she is now behaving almost like a kitten again!" -  Regina L. can help you and your pet enjoy a healthy and fit year. is a range of 100% natural, safe and effective remedies especially formulated for Pets by Native Remedies! 

Naturally treat a wide range of pet disorders and conditions such as Weight Management, Diabetes, Joint Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Aggression, UTI, Liver, Heart and Muscle, and many more.

PetAlive Specials Jan 2006
Save up to 25%

Aggression - Treats stressed and aggressive
pets naturally!
Flatulence Preventer - Natural cure for excessive pet flatulence and intestinal gas. Immunity and Liver - Restore liver health and immune functioning.
GlucoBalance - Controls blood sugar levels and improves insulin availability and production.

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Native Remedies News of the Month
  • Check out our latest introductions with remedies for Hyperthyroidism, Kidney Health, Liver and Adrenal Glands and treatment for Faster Healing & Bruising, Muscle Pain and Hair Regrowth NOW AVAILABLE!
  • Also Now Available - JointEase PlusA more powerful formula of our original and popular JointEase. Ideal for arthritis, rheumatism, back pain, fibromyalgia and other joint pain.  Our new and even more powerful formula is still 100% natural and now combines Devil's Claw with Glucosamine Sulphate and Boswellia Serata.  This remedy has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Be on the lookout for even more new introductions arriving VERY SOON… watch your email for new announcements throughout the year!

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Advice From Michele –Recent AskUs Questions and Answers

On the AskUs facility on our web site you can ask our clinical psychologist, Michele, for advice on our products - which ones to use, how best to use or combine them and more. Each month, we publish 3 or 4 of her answers to often-repeated or highly topical questions.

To learn what others are asking and if any might be useful for you or someone you know then please read on….

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Submit your Testimonial

As always, we enjoy learning how our products have helped you or your loved ones. So, why not help others by letting them know how our products have helped others! Read More ....

If you have enjoyed using our products and they have helped you, we would enjoy receiving your testimonial! By providing your testimonial, you will help by letting others know how they too can benefit from our remedies - and that is all in a good cause!

Look at what others have recently said about their experiences and success with Native Remedies:

“Just want to say how happy I am to find this site. Several months ago my daughter was suffering from severe tics/Tourettes she had head jerking and yelping sounds, also acting uncontrollably and after taking Mindsooth Jr, combined with PureCalm and BrightSpark everyday, with a bit of juice, we have seen a dramatic change for the better. I also noticed that if she misses a couple of days without the product the condition comes back full force. I will continue to give her this as long as I can. Thank you again. Need to reorder.”– Eve, NY, USA Read More ....

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Talk to Us!

As always, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line and let us know if you have any ideas, suggestions or thoughts.

Tell us what you think- Send your comments and share your thoughts and ideas for products that you’d like to see, recommendations, topics that you would like to read, raves or rants. Your feedback matters to us!

Send us your feedback!

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Free eBooklets with any Order

Don’t Forget About the FREE eBooklets available with any purchase from!

Native Remedies' eBooklets are written by a practicing clinical psychologist based on her real-life consultations with real people, and they cover some of the most frequently dealt with problems that are submitted to the Native Remedies site.  

The eBooklets are FREE to download when you purchase ANY product from our website. They are available on a wide variety of subjects from Anxiety to Depression to Weight Loss and much more!  Something for everybody to choose from and we are continually adding new selections all the time!

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We Wish You Good Health and a Happy New Year!

As always, we hope you have enjoyed our newsletter. If you have any feedback or suggestions, you can submit them using our Feedback form. You can also contact us via email at, via phone at 1-877-289-1235 (Toll Free in the USA) or at +1.253.620.4542, or via fax at +1.928.832.4552. Feel free to do so if you have any questions, wish to order, or even wish to become a Native Remedies Affiliate or Distributor.

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