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Welcome to your Native Remedies Newsletter for the month of May, 2006.  We hope that you find this edition equally educational and beneficial! 

Good mental health is fundamental to your overall health.  It is essential to your personal well-being and your ability to lead a healthy, balanced, and productive life. Mental health problems can impair your thinking, feelings, and behavior and can be severe and disabling.   

Mental health problems, including depression and anxiety disorders, are as treatable as many physical illnesses.

This newsletter offers up sensible and matter-of-fact information to help you gear up on the facts and natural treatments for Mental Health Month. Plus, of course, we have included our usual assortment of specials, news, advice from Michele and other useful information for you. 

Mental Health IQ Quiz

Challenging your knowledge of mental health topics with this True/False quiz

The answers may just surprise you!

  1. Regular exercise can greatly reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders. 
  2. Treatment success rates for disorders such as depression surpass those for other medical conditions like heart disease.
  3. People who have schizophrenia don’t usually recover from the disorder.
  4. Work-related stress can double a person’s risk of dying from heart disease.
  5. The number of hours a person works causes more stress at work than the office environment.
  6. Workplace stress causes about 1 million employees to miss work each day.
  7. Depression is a normal part of aging.
  8. People who have mental disorders are more dangerous than people in the general population.
  9. About every two hours, a young person kills himself or herself.
  10. One in five experiences a mental health disorder in any given year, but only one-third seek care due to the stigma and misperceptions surrounding mental disorders and their treatment.

….Now Discover the Answers

May is Mental Health and Depression Month


Considering that one in four people suffer from depression or an anxiety related disorder, the National Mental Health Association (NMHA) has set aside the month of May to inform you about mental health disorders and mental health issues.  Mental Health Month has been observed for over fifty years. Each May for more than 50 years, Mental Health Month has helped improve the health and lives of millions. Read On…

Attend to Your Mental Health with our 100% Natural, Safe and Effective Herbal and Homeopathic Remedies

  • MindSoothe – Relieves depression, OCD, panic and anxiety
  • PureCalm – Quickly soothes anxiety, panic attacks, stress and tension
  • Mood Tonic – Optimizes nervous system and lifts mood.  Safe during pregnancy, nursing and for ALL AGES!
  • MindSoothe Jr. – Relieves child and teen depression for ages 3-15 years
  • K-OK Kiddie Calmer – Reduces, soothes and calms child anxiety and fears
  • Nerve Tonic – Soothes anxiety levels and anxiety attacks.  Safe during pregnancy, nursing and for of ALL AGES!
  • SerenitePlus – Treats symptoms of insomnia and sleeps problems and assists in treatment of chronic insomnia

Or, Browse our complete catalog …

Depression, Stress & Anxiety Happens to Pets Too

Eight out of 10 vets claim depression in pets is on the rise.  Just like humans, pets can suffer from mental health issues. Pets can get sulky, lethargic, stop eating, and drink only minimal amounts of water, stop wanting to play, and even lose extreme amounts of weight.  You've ruled out all the possible physical causes with help from your veterinarian. Now it is time to start looking at the possible mental causes and available treatments to help your pets.  Depression may not seem like it, but left too long and it could very well turn into a life-threatening physical condition.

"Our 12 year old family dog has really perked up for the first time in weeks after taking your remedy [PetAlive Grief & Pining]. His brother died of cancer two months ago and as they have been with us all their lives, we have all been very sad. This remedy is easy to administer as you say and there is no comparison to the sad and gloomy dog we had before. He still 'looks' for his brother but he is more full of energy and loving again, which we have missed so much! We can really recommend this formula! " –  MS can help you care for your beloved pet’s heart and health. is a range of 100% natural, safe and effective remedies specially formulated for Pets by Native Remedies!  Naturally treat a wide range of pet disorders and conditions such as Skin, Immunity, Diabetes, Heart & Circulation, Joint Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Aggression, UTI, Liver, Muscle and Joint, and many more.

PetAlive Specials May 2006
Save up to 25%

Easy Travel - Prevent and treat all symptoms of travel and motion sickness in pets.
Energy Tonic - Restore energy, health and vitality naturally.
Furball Dr. - Help to prevent furballs in cats.
Performance Plus - Improve your pet's performance and mental alertness.

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“Our 10 year old son had a strong, sudden onset of OCD.  In short, it was an awful experience for all of us.  His problems mostly had to do with disturbing thoughts but he was in really bad shape.  They were talking about hospitalizing him so that he could get helped right away.  We ended up getting him rather quick appointments with both a psychologist and a psychiatrist.  Zoloft was prescribed for him.   We were concerned about prescription medicine at such a young age and opted instead, to go with the Mindsoothe Jr.  At first, we also added the PureCalm, which was amazing.  He was able to go to school all day and the thoughts just crept in right at the end of the day.  Well, he is now off the PureCalm and has been on Mindsoothe Jr. for exactly a month, and the results have been fabulous.  He is no longer suffering with those disturbing thoughts and it is miraculous.  He does still have a lot of worrying and he is a generally anxious child.  We emailed Native Remedies and it was recommended that we add Triple Complex Nerve Tonic to go with the Mindsoothe Jr. and we completely expect that combination to do the trick.  We brought his psychologist a brochure from Native Remedies and told her we would like to try these products first.  She looked it over and said she did not see the harm in trying these products and she supported our choice.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”– Cindy W., RI, USA Read More ....

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