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Welcome to your Native Remedies Newsletter for July 2006. We hope that you find this edition both educational and interesting!New Shopping Cart! 

This month, Native Remedies is once again proud to introduce to you even more of Michele’s proven, natural remedies. Now available from our web site are a wide range of products for you and your pets – all of them requested by you, our customers!  Learn all about these exciting products.   

In addition, this month we help you get yourself and your family prepared to have a healthy summer - no matter where your travels take you. Any time of year, including summertime, prevention is the best medicine so that you can protect yourself and your family when the temperature rises or falls. Heat can cause insomnia, migraines and even depression.  

Enjoy the new products, health advice, guidance from Michele and the usual exciting features of this newsletter.

Healthy Lifestyle -
Healthy Summer

Summer is a great opportunity for everyone to think about simple ways to start being more active, eating better and creating a healthy lifestyle that can last for every season of the year and a lifetime. Get yourself and your family ready for a healthy lifestyle that can help reduce the risks for developing chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. 

  • Protect yourself from the sun – Exposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays appears to be the most important environmental factor involved in the development of skin cancer.  Take action to protect yourself from sun exposure.
  • Swim safely – Choose areas with lifeguards, use personal floatation devices (life jackets), limit alcohol consumption, take advantage of local swimming lessons and get CPR certified.
  • Practice safe boating – Wear a life jacket and be smart!
  • Motor vehicle safety – Practice motor vehicle safety! Wear your safety belt. Use proper child restraints. Don’t drink and drive. Slow down. Watch out for pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Get physically active and move – Everyone needs to think about how to be more physically active.  Be creative.  Overcome barriers that prevent physical activity.
  • Eat healthily – Take advantage of all the fresh fruits and vegetables that are available in your area this time of year. Diets rich in fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Information provided courtesy of CDC Media Relations

Are You Ready for a Healthy Summer?


Summer may be a fun-filled season, but that doesn't necessarily mean that is worry-free. The delights of the summer season are upon us, but there is a dark side; skin cancer, insect bites, poison ivy, foodborne illness, drowning, burns, and injuries loom. Now is the time to remind yourself, you family and your friends of the importance of prevention to avoid and minimize the risk of summertime discomfort, illness, injury, and even death. Read More …

Exciting Product Introductions from Michele and Native Remedies for You!

  • Circu-Live - improves circulation health and treats Raynaud’s Disease
  • Mens-Reduce - reduces excessive menstrual bleeding and regulates a woman’s cycle 
  • Nail-Rx - treats fungal infections of the nails and has strong anti-fungal properties
  • SciatiGon - relieves pain and addresses various causes of sciatica, reduces inflammation and relieves pressure on the sciatic nerve, nerve pain and neuralgia
  • And more are coming ….

Or, Browse our complete catalog …

Stay Tuned for our upcoming announcement about all of these products – keep an eye on your email inbox! 


New Pet Product Introductions Too!

Native Remedies is also pleased to announce many new product introductions to our product line.   This line continues to expand and offer you and your pets an even more extensive offering of 100% natural, proven, safe and effective herbal remedies for your pet’s health! 

"PetAlive will definitely be my first resort from now on, before spending money on expensive medicines. My animals are my world and the natural way just makes so much more sense!!!! " – Gayle can help you care for your beloved pet’s heart and health. is a range of 100% natural, safe and effective remedies specially formulated for Pets by Native Remedies!  Naturally treat a wide range of pet disorders and conditions such as Stress, Anxiety, Skin, Immunity, Diabetes, Heart and Circulation, Joint Pain, Aggression, UTI, Liver, Muscle and Joint, and many more.

PetAlive Specials July 2006
Save up to 25%

Digestive Support - Promotes healthy digestion in canines and felines.
GlucoBalance - Naturally controls and balances blood sugar levels and improves insulin production.
PetCalm -Treats pets with anxiety disorders or those with nervous dispositions.
Skin and Coat Tonic - Helps to restore healthy skin and glossy coat in dogs and cats.

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Native Remedies News of the Month
  • NOW AVAILABLE – Native Remedies Gift Certificates!  Now you can send friends and loved ones a gift for a natural, healthy life, and let them choose the products.  Any denomination, Email or have us print and mail on your behalf, personalize with your own message, easy to redeem.
  • NEW PRODUCT ADDITIONS – now available are new products from Michele that include Mens-Reduce for Menorrhagia (heavy menstrual bleeding), Circu-Live for Circulation and Raynaud’s Disease,  Nail-Rx for Nail Fungus, SciatiGon for Sciatica… check them out now!
  • Try our UPGRADED Shopping Cart – new features and benefits for you such as order reviewing, order tracking, fast checkout and so much more!  We are always striving to make your online experience with us as pleasant as possible. 

Advice From Michele –Recent AskUs Questions and Answers

On the AskUs facility on our web site you can ask our clinical psychologist, Michele, for advice on our products - which ones to use, how best to use or combine them and more. Each month, we publish 3 or 4 of her answers to often-repeated or highly topical questions.

To learn what others are asking and if any might be useful for you or someone you know then please read on….

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I have suffered from panic and anxiety for over 25 years, on and off....I have tried everything, nothing really worked without side effects or without taking it constantly. I have recently over the past eight months gone through some very stressful events...As soon as stress becomes overwhelming, anxiety and panic shows its ugly self.. I have tried products from Native Remedies for anxiety and panic and found they all worked well..However I was not totally anxiety free.  I decided to give MindSoothe a try instead...Within 3 weeks I was anxiety and panic free...It has been a wonderful feeling. Today I only take MindSoothe once in the morning, and I am good to go for the rest of the day....If life gets a little stressful, I add another dose at night. It has worked wonders for me. Thank you.”– Dawn, Ontario, Canada Read More ....

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