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Are you doing all that you can for your immune system so that it may perform its essential role of maintaining your body's overall general health and resistance to disease?

Your immune system contains special cells, proteins, tissues, and organs.  These components all work together to protect you against invading germs and to prevent the onset of disease. How you care for your body both inside and out have a great influence on how well you are protected from germs and disease. Because of poor health and diets, many children and adults have immune systems that don't operate at peak efficiency and get sick more often.  Get more information below on how to tune your immune system during these winter months!

Our main goal at Native Remedies is to keep you and your family in top health. We do so by not only providing natural, safe and effective herbal remedies but also by providing you pertinent health information, insights, input from Michele and more in this newsletter each and every month. 

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Live in a Way
That Supports Your Health

What else can you do over the long term to keep yourself healthy?

  • Develop a support system - Affectionate touches and hugs, even handshakes can help you stay well. 

  • Be happy and positive -  To improve your immune system, set aside the hassles of everyday living and do whatever it takes to make you happy — such as visit with friends, do yoga, meditate, read a book, go to the beach, develop a hobby, listen to music, or play a sport. All of these can decrease your stress and put you in a positive mood.

  • Avoid indoor air pollution - Open your windows whenever you can, to allow for natural air exchange. If you wish to use a commercial air filter, try a HEPA filter. Ion filters can create more problems than they resolve by potentially increasing the ozone level in your home.

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Power Up Your Immune System and Stay Well


Your immune system, your health and your wellness all revolve around what you do to stay well. Your immune cells can also lose some of their protective effects when your body is constantly battling poor health habits. Even if you're rarely sick, you can find new ways to stay on track. You can protect yourself every single day and boost your immune system! Read More…

Keep Your Immune System at Peak Condition with 100% Natural, Safe & Effective Herbal Treatments

  • ImmunityPlus – enhances, boosts and optimizes immune system WITHOUT antibiotics
  • Fatigue Fighter – boosts energy levels, fights fatigue and strengthens immune system
  • Detox Drops – naturally cleanses and detoxifies your system, eliminates toxins and improves liver functioning
  • EcoSlim – helps lose weight safely and naturally, boosts metabolism and improves liver functioning
  • Liver Dr. – improves liver functioning and protects it from damaging toxins and disease
  • AdrenoBoost – improves adrenal gland functioning, increases stamina and performance in people who are run-down by stress and boosts the immune system especially after illness
  • Insulate Plusoptimizes pancreatic health and  reduces risk in insulin resistance and diabetes
  • DiabetonicHelps keep sugar levels stable, reduces cravings for sweets.

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Your Pet’s Immune System

No matter what your pet is confronted with, your pet’s body is well-designed to fight back.  The main reason a pet gets sick is that something is interfering with the body's natural healing powers. The key to healing is a strong defense system, which protects your pet from everything from the flu germs to cancer cells. 

Holistic veterinarians believe that a weak immune system plays a key role in causing disease. Antibiotics fight infection, but they don't affect whatever weakened the immune system in the first place. When the immune system is functioning properly, your pets have a great ability to resist disease. But when the immune system's energy is blocked or unbalanced due to such things as stress or injuries, pets become vulnerable to illness.

A few things in particular - such as diet, stress and exercise - play the biggest roles in determining whether pets get sick or stay healthy. Aside from feeding a species appropriate, high quality and natural diet, there are natural ways to boost your pet's immune system. - Jeannie Thomason, Natural Pet Care Educator/Nutrition Consultant
"My German Shepherd is my treasure! He is already 10 years old and he has always been a healthy boy. Lately he has been 'off color' and not wanting to eat much. Also he was eating lots of grass and throwing up almost every day. I was very worried about him. The vet said maybe an infection and gave us antibiotics, and that made no difference, but your Immunity/Liver Support remedy has worked after only three weeks. No more throwing up and much more energy! Thanks for a natural alternative - next time I know where to come first!" -  Serena

PetAlive.com can help you care for your beloved pet’s health.  PetAlive.com is a range of 100% natural, safe and effective remedies especially formulated for Pets by Native Remedies! Naturally treat a wide range of pet disorders and conditions such as Stress, Anxiety, Skin, Immunity, Diabetes, Heart and Circulation, Joint Pain, Aggression, UTI, Liver, Muscle and Joint, and many more.

PetAlive Specials October 06
Save up to 25%

Aggression Formula - Helps prevent aggressive behavior in dogs and cats.
Flatulence Preventer - Alleviates canine and feline intestinal gas and flatulence.
GlucoBalance - Controls symptoms of feline and canine diabetes.
Immunity and Liver Support - Boosts your pet's immune functioning and resistance against disease and infection.

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Advice From Michele – Recent AskUs Questions and Answers

On the AskUs facility on our web site you can ask our clinical psychologist, Michele, for advice on our products - which ones to use, how best to use or combine them and more. Each month, we publish 3 or 4 of her answers to often-repeated or highly topical questions.

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“I have suffered SEVERAL episodes of tonsillitis and have tried EVERYTHING.  I can’t tell you how many frustrating doctor’s visits I’ve had with simple tonsillitis diagnosis and given every type of prescription that just don’t work. Not only did they not work, but the prescriptions weakened my immune system even more where I had even more reactivations. I had enough! I wanted something non-prescription to help me avoid reactivations, plus help me avoid the looming tonsillectomy that every doctor seemed to tell me was the only solution. Throat & Tonsil Dr. not only saved me from several looming episodes of tonsillitis (if you recognize the first signs right away – you’ve probably had it too much too), but it helped me really further investigate these reactivated/chronic episodes. If you’ve had mono once before and several reactivation symptoms that never test positive for mono, the problem might be in your immune system and not in your tonsils (or course, seek professional medical opinions as well). Also, I’m just under 5 feet tall and just under 100 pounds and my immune system is pretty lame. Sometimes we look for quick fixes from doctors to help us get back to our day to day lives, but if you suffer several episodes as well, stop and listen to what your body is telling you. Until you really understand what is happening and proceed from there, this is a WONDERFUL solution to keep you going.”– Cindy, FL, USA. Read More ....


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