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December 2006

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Look at what others have recently said about their experiences and success with Native Remedies:

“I have two special needs children one was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and the other is ADHD [they are six and seven years old]. We have been using PureCalm and Focus on both of them for about 8 months and the change is remarkable their teachers are amazed and tell us to keep doing what we are doing!!  My autistic son started on PureCalm about three months ago because of his frustration with communicating and speaking PureCalm has allowed him to slow down his busy mind to get a hold of word and thoughts so he began speaking... whole sentences!! I compare his thinking to trying to jump onto a speeding merry-go-round, once it slowed he could connect, and he has!  I recommend PureCalm to any parent who suspects that their child has a runaway mind and can’t focus on life.”– Richard, NV, USA

“For the past few years I have been suffering from endometriosis. My periods were extremely heavy and sometimes lasted for as long as 10 days and my cramps were so painful that I couldn’t even move. I would throw up and break into cold sweats and was unable to do anything.  I started taking Endo-Ex 2 just 2 months ago and my periods are already becoming more normal. I no longer have the painful cramps, nausea, and cold sweats and even on the first month of taking Endo-Ex my period was only 7 days. I’m so grateful to Native Remedies and want to tell everyone out there just how great Endo-Ex works!”–  Nicole, IL, USA

“I am so relieved!!  I am a pre-diabetic and would get bladder and/or yeast infections and I was constantly running to the dr. and getting lab tests on urine and prescriptions.  Then I found UTI-Clear on Native Remedies on the Web!! It’s so much easier and cheaper!! Now every time I get any itching or burning, I take UTI-Clear a few times and it is gone.  I never let it go so it doesn’t get real severe or I would take it for a few days.  Thank you so much!!  It is such a relief!! Thank you!!”– Donna, MN, USA

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