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Summer... Not All Fun & Games for Your Pet

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Summertime Struggles

From the Editor

We are very excited to send our very first Pet Alive newsletter! Although we have always included your furry friends in our monthly Native Remedies Newsletter, throughout the last few years we have noticed a growing need for a newsletter focused solely on pets. Did you know that sixty-three percent of U.S. households have at least one pet? That's more than 69 million homes. With so many of our subscribers making their pets a part of the family, we decided to launch a newsletter filled with useful pet news and health articles.

With summer quickly catching up with us, we wanted to inform our readers on the added dangers pets face during the hot humid days to come. Personally, I had no idea that heatstroke was such a serious issue, and you don't have to run your dog in 100 degree weather to risk it happening. Find out more in our feature articles, which not only address about heatstroke, but many other summertime struggles your pets face.

Since this is a new venture for us, we would really like your feedback. We would love to know what you think about the stories we've written. Whether you agree with our writers, or emphatically disagree, it still matters to us - even if you just want to comment on the topic we have chosen or suggest one for future newsletters. So, send us an email at editor@nativeremedies.com and tell us what you think.



Paulette Gough, Editor
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Dangerous Summer Heat

How your Pet can Avoid Heatstroke

With summer just around the corner, your pets are probably scratching at the door to get out and enjoy the sun! But have you considered the increased health risks pets are faced with during the summer months?

While an afternoon stroll may seem ideal, it can take as little as 15 minutes in the hot midday sun for your pet to develop heatstroke and even less than that for animals left inside a vehicle. Even with the windows cracked, your car can heat up to over 102 degrees within 10 short minutes - on a day when the temperature is just 85 degrees. That's hot enough to cause your dog or cat stress, skin burns, respiratory distress and even death during your quick stop at the market or mall.Read More…

Other Summertime Risks for Pets

Summer Allergies Can Cause Breathing Problems, Weepy Eyes, Scratching and Excessive Chewing

The Unhealthy Consequences of Excessive Weight GainWhile there is no doubt that heatstroke is a dangerous reality for your animals during the hot summer months, there are plenty of other seasonal risks that you may not know about. Allergies can be a big summertime struggle for a lot of pets. Did you know that, just like humans, your dog or cat can have severe allergies to pollen, dust, mold spores and other airborne allergens? These allergens can cause your pet discomfort and pave the way for more serious infections. Read More…

Pet Food Recall Update

The recent pet food scare has had pet owners frantic with worry for weeks now. Luckily, industry professionals and scientists have located the source of the problem and are working to isolate it so that it does not happen again. However, in the past week there have been additional recalls of both cat and dog food, suggesting that we should not let our guards down just yet. To review the current list of recalled brands and specific cat and dog food, as well as find out the latest information, click here to visit the FDA website.

The recent scare has led many dog and cat owners to investigate alternate sources of medicine and food for their pets. PetAlive is committed to finding all natural herbal and homeopathic supplements to benefit all aspects of your pet's health, from promoting healthy kidney, liver and digestive functioning to improving skin and coat condition and preventing gum disease. Be sure to look into our entire line of products to see how you can help improve the quality of your pet's life the natural way! Visit www.PetAlive.com.



Ask Our Experts


“My pet’s name is Sherry and she is a vibrant 11 year old Pomeranian and weighs 11.5 pounds. She recently had blood work done and was unusually stressed out at the vet office. Something must have made her very upset. Anyways, her blood results came back…[and] suggests she has Cushing's. [The vet] doesn't want to put her thru the Cushing's tests because of the way she stressed just taking simply blood work. So he recommended that we put her on a diet and just wait and see what happens, since she is not displaying clinical signs of Cushing's... I see your PetSlim product targets all the main things I want to help my dog with (improve metabolism, help her loose weight, and improve liver and thyroid functions) or should I try her on your Thyroid product? What product[s] I should start my Sherry on…Thank you for your time!” – Kathy


Dear Kathy,

You are quite correct in saying that Cushing's can only be diagnosed through a blood test, but as Sherry is showing no clinical signs of Cushing's - excessive thirst and urination, lethargy, panting, hair loss, abnormal Appetite - it may be that her liver enzymes are elevated for another reason. I have seen some dogs have high liver enzymes and even show some of the symptoms of Cushing's, but come back negative for the disease on their blood work…Sherry sounds as if she is otherwise well, [so] I would recommend starting her on SlenderPet and LiverAid. These can both be used in conjunction with the Denosyl that your vet has suggested. It would be advisable to have Sherry's blood work checked again in 6–8 weeks time. As she gets very stressed at the vet, try using our PetCalm remedy to make her veterinary experience less stressful. If you decide against further diagnostics and Sherry does start showing signs of Cushing's I would suggest starting her on our Cushex Drops. As this is a natural remedy it can safely be used even if a definite diagnosis of Cushing's has not been made.

Wishing you and Sherry health and happiness,
The Pet Health Consultant
Pet Alive/Native Remedies

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Find Out How Pet Alive Helped Rocky Enjoy His Summer!

“We have a Great Pyrenees male, Rocky, and when he was only 12 weeks old we found out he had a genetic defect with his back legs. He was born with his knee sockets turned inward, which caused him to walk with his back legs close together, a bit awkwardly. Our vet did not think surgery was possible until the age of one, so we made do until then. Once he turned one we met with a board certified orthopedic veterinarian, who said it would cost tens of thousands to operate, and would be nearly impossible, seeing as all his leg bones had subsequently grown inward to match his knees. All along Rocky was a very happy dog - despite the fact that he couldn't run, and had to be very careful. We've always babied him and tried to do everything we could to make him better. THIS PRODUCT SAVED HIM. I was looking up alternative meds for dogs online, and thank goodness I found this website. We immediately ordered this product and Rocky's life has changed. He's been taking it for six months now and his back legs are much stronger and he RUNS like crazy! He's now two years old and loves to play...And thanks to this wonderful Muscle and Joint Supplement, Rocky is a whole new pup! We truly cannot thank PetAlive and Native Remedies enough!!! This product is unbelievable and a true life saver! You would never know Rocky has defective back legs by the way he acts and runs around. I truly believe this supplement changed his life, and ours." – Laura

This testimonial has been edited for length, to read the complete testimonial and testimonials from other customers, please click here.

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