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Old Meds, New Warnings - Are You at Risk?

Old Meds, New Warnings - Are You at Risk?

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Are You at Risk?

From the Editor

Who would have thought that you'd be able to ride a roller coaster without having to visit an amusement park? Nowadays you just have to be taking a prescription medication to experience those kinds of radical ups and downs.

It seems like lately we can't even turn on the television or the radio, or even browse through the online heath news, without finding another report alerting us of not only new, but seriously dangerous side effects of these medications. Depression and diabetes medications are at the center of two of the latest reports I have seen. Even though we recently touched on the topic of the side effects of conventional sleep medications in the April edition of our newsletter, I realized that we couldn't leave these stories untold.

Recently, the FDA recommended that manufacturers of antidepressant medications place additional warnings on their drugs. They found that antidepressants can cause increased suicidal thoughts and behaviors in adults - we were already aware of the risks to children (Read our article on New FDA Warnings for Depression Meds ). Currently, there are more than 121 million people suffering from depression worldwide and an estimated 25 percent are taking at least one prescription medication to treat the disease. That's a lot of people at risk.

And, it wasn't just concerns about antidepressants in the news this week. One of the most prominent diabetes medications - Avandia - was in the news as well. I learned that researchers at the New England Journal of Medicine have linked the popular drug to an increased prevalence of heart attack and possibly death (Read our article on New Avandia Risks). That's another 175 million people worldwide affected by a prescription medication who's side effects are just as deadly as the disease it treats!

When we were researching the news on antidepressants and Avandia, I made a startling discovery in an article published by the Archives of Internal Medicine. The article explains a possible link between these two diseases (Read our article on Newfound Links to Diabetes). Recent studies have concluded that people exhibiting the symptoms of chronic depression were more likely to develop adult onset diabetes down the road. So there are thousands, maybe millions, of people suffering from inadequately treated, or untreated, depression risking other serious side effects and diseases later.

I hope you find our June articles - More FDA Warnings about Depression Medications Validate Your Natural Approach, Did Depression Cause Your Diabetes? and Popular Diabetes Treatment Could Increase Your Risk of Heart Problems - both interesting and informative. Remember, we want your feedback. So send us an email at editor@nativeremedies.com and tell us what you think.



Paulette Gough, Editor
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More FDA Warnings about Depression Medications Validate Your Natural Approach

With the number of cases rising dramatically worldwide, depression has become one of the most wide-reaching health issues we presently face. Right now, there are more than 121 million people suffering from depression, including many children. To find relief from the myriad of symptoms caused by depression, an estimated 25 percent of sufferers are taking at least one prescription medication to treat the disease.

Read More…


Did Depression Cause Your Diabetes?

Study finds new links.

A great deal of media coverage has been dedicated to depression and its effect on the 20 million adults and children suffering with it in America alone. Recently, news reports are focused on the latest scientific discoveries, showing a confirmed link between having depression and developing diabetes.

Often, depression is mistakenly viewed as an ailment of the mind, emotions and psyche. But many experts have purported for years that depression can actually lead to the development of physical ailments as well. And now, these recent studies indicate that there is proof! Read More…


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I would like to know if you have anything good for anxiety and panic attacks. I don't want to be taking any medication that has a lot of side effects because I want to have a baby. And, with any of that other medication that won't be possible so I need your help here... – Carmen


Hi Carmen, Thank you for your query. Until you become pregnant, we can highly recommend a combination of MindSoothe and PureCalm.

MindSoothe is our 100% herbal alternative to the prescription SSRI and anti-depressant drugs and is very effective for the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders, including depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and OCD. Clinical research has demonstrated that the ingredients used in Mindsoothe are at least as effective as the major anti-depressant drugs, without the same risk of side effects.

Warm regards,

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"I am currently being treated for anxiety, ADD and depression... I have bouts of no motivation, oversleeping, insomnia, racing thoughts, excessive stress and worry, no appetite and periods of depression. When the doctor increased my Zoloft to 100mg I got really bad tremors so he took me back down to 75mg. I am seeking help and trying to find a better way to treat my depression and anxiety that is safe... Thank you. -Dawn


Hi, Dawn. Thank you for your query.We recommend a combination of our MindSoothe and PureCalm remedies for your anxiety and depression... Used regularly, you should notice significant improvement within 3 - 5 weeks, although some people respond even sooner. Mindsoothe cannot be taken simultaneously as pharmaceutical antidepressants. Should you want to change from antidepressants to Mindsoothe, we find that the most effect way to make the transition is to stop the antidepressants for 48 hours and then to begin the Mindsoothe as directed.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Warm regards,

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Popular Diabetes Treatment Could Increase Your Risk of Heart Problems

In a new report released by the New England Journal of Medicine this week, experts revealed that the use of the popular diabetes medication Avandia may result in a higher risk of heart attack and possibly death. Studies have recently suggested that the more than 6 million people worldwide who are taking the drug could have a 45 percent higher chance of having a heart attack. Read More…


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