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Improving your Memory to Improve your Life!

Old Meds, New Warnings - Are You at Risk?

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Maintaining Your Memory and Your Sanity

From the Editor

Whether we are trying to remember history dates for an upcoming exam, trying to recall where we put the car keys, or attempting to hang on to the golden moments of our youth, memory is key! Our memory is an important and treasured capacity because it plays such a central role in our daily lives and even in our identity as human beings.

Recently, there has been an overwhelming focus on memory as a health issue, particularly, the growing number of Alzheimer's cases. Did you know neurological experts are predicting that over the next 40 years instances of Alzheimer's disease worldwide will grow to over 106 million? This alone is enough to raise concern about our own aging and methods of memory loss prevention! (Read our article “Are You at a Higher Risk for Developing Alzheimer’s Disease?”).

Alzheimer's disease is a type of dementia. The thought of losing your memory as you get older is pretty scary, but nearly 1 in 4 adults over the age of 65 struggles with the debilitating effects of memory loss.

Memory problems don't only affect the aging population; they can be a trial much earlier in life as well. Memory problems are a common problem for both children and adults struggling with learning disorders like Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Both ADD and ADHD can make it increasingly difficult to store new memories and even to recall old ones!

And, for those adults with ADHD or ADD children, the impact on their day to day lives is painful and exhausting. As one of our customers wrote in her testimonial to us - by following our prescribed regimen for her child, she regained her sanity! (Read our article “Treating ADD and ADHD”).

We - you and us, who believe in a natural approach - are
getting noticed. People are beginning to pay attention to what we already know. Just take a look at this article
in the Tennessean, in which they describe how the Engen
family uses Native Remedies' Focus and BrightSpark to
successfully address their 5-year old son's ADHD. (Read
the article “Native Remedies ADHD Success Story featured in The Tennessean").

I hope you find our August articles - "Treating ADD and ADHD" and "Are You at a Higher Risk for Developing Alzheimer's Disease?" - both interesting and informative. Remember, we want your feedback. So, send us an email at editor@nativeremedies.com and tell us what you think.



Paulette Gough, Editor
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Treating ADD and ADHD

Increase Brain Function Naturally, Don't Medicate & Mask the Symptoms

With summer vacation more than half over, the start of the new school year is quickly approaching. As anxious parents start the preparations for getting their children back-to-school, the parents of children with learning disabilities cope with the added pressure of a potentially rocky transition from an easy summer schedule to the structured school environment.Read More >

Are You at a Higher Risk for Developing Alzheimer's Disease?

The coverage of Alzheimer's Disease (AD) has recently been increasing in the media and for good reason. Although scientists and researchers are still trying to decipher the riddle of causation for this curious disease, the prevalence of Alzheimer's disease is increasing at a very rapid rate!

New scientific projections suggest that by 2050 more than 13.2 million aging Americans will suffer from the debilitating effects of Alzheimer’s disease, and without an emphasis on prevention, this number could realistically grow even higher.Read More >

Native Remedies ADHD Success Story featured in The Tennessean

Jared Engen's Family says "No" to Ritalin

The following article (Parents Take Different Paths to Abate ADHD by Joy Buchanan, Staff Writer for The Tennessean) concerning three different families’ approaches to the treatment of ADD and ADHD recently appeared in the online edition of The Tennessean.

Some local residents have taken treatment for their children's ADHD into their own hands, sometimes leaving doctors out of the process entirely.

ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactive disorder, is a range of behaviors such as consistent inattention, hyperactivity or impulsiveness that interferes with normal life, school and social activities.Read More >



Ask Our Experts

When you have a question, you can always Ask Our Experts on our website. We have experts from many fields available to review your questions and provide professional advice, including our clinical psychologist, Michele. Here are some questions we've received about metabolism, energy levels and also on how to lose weight.


"I have found that your products PureCalm and SerenityPlus were very helpful with my mother who has Alzheimer's dementia. She has been placed in an assisted living facility and is now taking Trazodone for sleep. She is also taking Lorazepam on an as needed basis for anxiety. I was wondering if either of your products would adversely interact with these drugs."
– Sincerely, Tom Barlow


Hi Thomas,

We are pleased to hear that your mother has benefited from our natural remedies. You will be pleased to know that both PureCalm and SerenityPlus may be safely taken with the medication that you have listed, without any adverse effects.

This is because all of the ingredients in our remedies are manufactured using the Full Spectrum method ensuring they have a very high safety profile and are generally well tolerated without any side effects at all.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Warm regards,
The Native Remedies Team


"My 11 year old has many of the signs of ADHD. I have many signs of ADD and I am 31. What can you offer me that would help both of us to function better?" – Thank You, Nicole


Hi Nicole,

We think it is great that you are researching the use of natural remedies for ADD and ADHD as an alternative to prescription drugs, given their risk of side effects and potential for addiction.

For children we recommend: As you may have seen from the Native Remedies website, we have two great products for ADHD which can be used on their own or in combination. BrightSpark and Focus Formula are both proven over thousands of satisfied children, adolescents and adults, and are non-addictive with no side effects. All of the ingredients have been in use for many years, most for hundreds of years, and most have had individual research done on them and published. Our remedies are compounds of multiple ingredients, each selected and incorporated in therapeutic dosages so that the combined effect is very effective!

For adults with ADD we recommend Focus ADDult, a homeopathic remedy which is very helpful in those who have concentration problems and is especially beneficial when there are also anger and oppositional issues.

All of these products can be used together with Brain Tonic, which aids in cognitive processes including concentration, memory and attentiveness.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Warm regards,
The Native Remedies Team

The response shown is just an excerpt; please click here to read full response

If you have a question for Michele, or any of our other experts please visit Ask Our Experts on the Native Remedies website.

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"I (as a doctor) do take your messages to guide my clients on eating habits. Potato as part of this dirty dozen should be a warning for potato lovers." - Dr. Jayamkannan

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"I so enjoy reading your newsletters. We have 25 fruit trees in our yard and we began to have a problem with black leaf. We did not want to use any commercial pesticides and I really felt like the Lord was leading me to spray our trees with plain water and Palmolive dish soap. The trees look great now. I used 1 1/2 cups of soap to 2 gal of water. I spayed the trees 1 time 3 weeks in a row. As the rain would come (we live in south Louisiana) it would clean the leaves and the soap killed the bugs. " - B. Morrison, Louisiana

"I learn something new every time I get a chance to visit your wonderful, informative website. I've convinced my daughter-in-law just how terrific your remedies are. You asked for suggestions regarding what we'd like to see in your newsletter. I'd really like to see more discussion about adults who have a hard time adjusting to life because they've been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD when they were children. I know your remedies help and people need hope in finding a way to ease their anxieties when they have trouble focusing on the important parts of their everyday lives. Thanks for listening." - K. Smith, Missouri

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