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Putting Your Pet's Best Paw Forward

Headline NeededPetAlive.com - November 2007 Newsletter - 1-877-289-1235

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You Are What You Eat

From the Editor

No one wants their pets to get sick, especially from the food we give them in an attempt to keep them happy and healthy.

Even though the summer pet food scare was resolved by pulling more than 60 million contaminated products from the shelves, if other pet owners are anything like me they are still very concerned about the pet foods they are buying.

We know this situation also raised concerns about quality and safety of production conditions, which are still not up to par by human consumption standards. We know that pet owners still face the problems with low-quality food still being produced and sold in the marketplace. To combat the issue we all have to pay much closer attention to the foods we buy our pets.

Find out how your pet's overall health is affected by the foods they eat >>

With seemingly endless options of pet food available, selecting the best quality products may seem overwhelming. However, taking note of a few key points on the packaging and shelf can take the guesswork out of your next pet food purchase.

Read more about the 5 ways you can decipher the high-quality foods >>

With seemingly endless options of pet food available, selecting the best quality products may seem overwhelming. However, taking note of a few key points on the packaging and shelf can take the guesswork out of your next pet food purchase.

Find out how to recognize early warning signs of the disease >>

We hope you enjoy this month's newsletter, and that you find it helpful in protecting your furry family members from some of the common health issues they face.

As always, be sure to let us know what you think. We would love to hear about the topics you want to see in our upcoming newsletters, answer your questions or even just read your comments about our articles. We wish you and your pet good health!

So, send us an email at editor@nativeremedies.com and tell us what you think.



Paulette Gough,
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Is the Pet Food Scare Really Over?

How Low Quality Foods can be Hurting Your Pets

Optimizing Your Pet’s Health Through Proper NutritionA few short months ago, pet owners everywhere were afraid to feed their pets for fear of what they might be ingesting. Every time you turned on the news, there was an update on the "Pet Food Scare".

Although the situation has now subsided after more than 60 million bags and cans of pet food were recalled, concerns with production and safety standards were raised regarding the high levels of hazardous food that slipped through to the retail market. The situation caused pet owners to question the quality and safety of even the well-recognized brands on the market.

learn why low quality pet food is so unhealthy

Make No Bones About It!

Your Pet Can Win the Fight Against Arthritis

Optimizing Your Pet’s Health Through Proper NutritionOne of the most common ailments affecting pets as they age is arthritis. Arthritis is a degenerative condition of the joints where tissue and cartilage in the joint breaks down or becomes damaged, causing swelling and discomfort. When this occurs, your pet's quality of life often becomes compromised, with pain causing limitations on playful activities and distress even during daily routines.

Unfortunately, arthritis is a very common problem in purebred dogs. Due to selective breeding, some dogs end up developing severe arthritic conditions that often require major surgery to alleviate the pain.

Find out how to prevent arthritis in your pet

Making Sense of Pet Food Labels

Choosing the Most Nutritional Food for Your Pet

Optimizing Your Pet’s Health Through Proper NutritionWhile it is usually best to supplement your pet's diet to ensure they receive the nutritional support they need for growth and health, it is also important that their day-to-day meals are filled with a high quality pet food.

Although it can be difficult to decide between the many brands and types of food available at you local market or pet store, there are some tips that can help you decipher which pet foods have the ingredients you want and which are of lower quality.

get tips on how to read pet food labels


Ask Our Experts


“After the pet food scare I've been doing research on all the things that are actually harmful to my beloved dogs. I want to give them the best life possible. I have a 1-1/2 year old male yellow lab and a 1 year old Basenji mix that we adopted (don't know what she's a mix of). They are both spayed/neutered.

I thought I was giving them good pet food (Iams dry) but now it seems it's not the best for their health. I could use some guidance. Once I switch over to a holistic food, is there anything available that will help clear their livers/kidneys from the preservatives they have ingested? What about for their optimum health?

Since they are in the early stages of their lives and have received their puppy shots, what else can I look out for? What else can I do for my puppies? How can I make their lives the best & fullest they can be? Help! Your help is appreciated...from one dog lover to the next."

— Lauri


Dear Lauri,

We can recommend our DetoxPlus, which is a 100% herbal remedy specially formulated to prevent the buildup of toxins and to assist in toxin elimination. Used regularly, DetoxPlus will help to improve liver functioning, metabolism, thyroid health and the body's ability to eliminate toxins, helping to keep your pet in peak health and toxin free.

We also recommend our Immunity Plus, which will strengthen your pets' immune systems and help prevent any infections in the future.

You will be pleased to know that it is perfectly fine to use DetoxPlus and Immunity and Liver Support simultaneously without any reduction in effectiveness of either. Because all the ingredients of our remedies are manufactured using the full-spectrum method, they have a very high safety profile and are generally well tolerated without any side-effects at all. You can therefore feel quite confident in using Native Remedies and PetAlive as your trusted supplier of herbal and homeopathic medicines.

For more information, please go to:

Immunity and Liver Support Tonic

Detox Plus

Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

The PetAlive Team at Native Remedies


“I have a 12 year old Shepherd mix (possibly Lab). After reading all the side affects of Rimadyl and other medications, I'm looking to give him something more natural that won't kill him if it doesn't really do the job. His weight is between 65-70 pounds. He still acts like a puppy when we get home and still doesn't hesitate to jump on the couch, but he's slow to get up now and has the shaky back legs. He doesn't seem to be in any pain yet but does pant more now. He still loves to go out for walks but does tire sooner than he did in the past. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time."

— Melissa


Hi Melissa,

As part of a holistic approach to treating your pet, natural remedies can help to build and strengthen your pet's immune system, encourage the elimination of toxins, strengthen and protect his skeletal system and generally improve the overall health of your animal - in addition to alleviating and treating the specific problems associated with muscle and joint problems. Muscle and Joint Support capsules are specially formulated for pets and contain a unique formula combining herbal medicines, biochemic tissue salts and nutritional substances all well known for their therapeutic and protective effect on the skeletal system, including muscles, joints, cartilage and tendons.

We recommend PetAlive Muscle and Joint Support as an excellent choice for pets suffering from arthritis, rheumatism and degenerative joint disease and it can also be used as a tonic and preventative in animals known to be susceptible to joint and bone ailments.

For further info, please go to:

Muscle and Joint Support

Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

The PetAlive Team at Native Remedies

Our Featured Testimonial Optimizing Your Pet’s Health Through Proper Nutrition

Pet Alive C-Caps Helped Save A Life

Dear PetAlive, Our 10 year-old Rottweiler/Airedale mix was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor of the nail-bed. By the time it was diagnosed, it had spread to the rest of the paw, and was traveling up the leg. The vet said the only hope was to amputate the leg, which he said he would not do given her age and 'enlarged heart'. He said take her home and enjoy the remaining weeks; he said eventually the paw would become too destroyed to let her live on, he gave it three weeks to a month. I did research and ran across C-Caps, I figured 'snake oil' but wanted to do something. We put her on two caps morning and night. The cancer immediately began to recede. We are at six weeks from the vet diagnosis and her paw has completely healed. Her energy level is that of a young dog, and we could not be more happy. The vet said he had never heard of this occurring in his decades of practice. It is nothing short of a miracle. What can we say but thank you so much!!

- Colonel Steve Crawford (USA, Ret.)

We Wish You Good Health!

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