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Make '08 Great! We'll Help You Keep Your Resolutions!

Old Meds, New Warnings - Are You at Risk?

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Resolute Resolutions!

How many years do we set these resolutions only to stick to them for a month, a week, a day? If that’s you... well, you aren’t alone.

Each year, millions of Americans set resolutions for themselves, ranging from the most common – losing weight and quitting smoking – to the more obscure (ummm... keeping your closet organized by color and style??).

Unfortunately for most, although the desire to commit is present, only 20% of people actually fulfill their personal goal(s) over the long-term.

So I started thinking, there has to be a way to make it happen this year! During my research I found that there are several mistakes and factors that tend to come into play each time we promise to be resolute to a resolution.

I also discovered how interconnected our overall health and resolutions can be! Kicking your health into high gear can also jump-start your motivation!

Find out the best way to get started, keep inspiration going, and gain big-picture focus – all which lead to lasting resolution success.

Keep Your 2008 Resolutions - We're here to help!

I’m sure it’s no surprise that weight loss is the number one resolution. So, I wanted to give you even more ways to hit your target. Often overlooked, negative calorie foods can do wonders to a structured diet, exercise, and supplement plan.

If you’re not already familiar, negative calories foods are those which require more energy (calories) to digest than they provide nutritionally to our bodies. Who would have guessed such a thing existed?

These foods assist the systemic processes of the body, helping to maintain optimal functioning (which equals more calorie-burning, without extra effort on your part, yay!). There’s a negative calorie food awaiting every taste bud...

Can Eating More Food Mean Losing More Weight?

I have already written my list of resolutions – actually they are the same as they were 3 years ago, yikes – and whether you have written your list of resolutions yet or not, I hope this newsletter has incited some ideas of where, and how, to begin anew in 2008.

However, taking a moment to realistically evaluate your goals is always a wise idea, particularly in our society often concerned with endless disorders.

A recent concern has been addressed regarding the increase in prescriptions written for “ailments” that quite likely are not truly medication-worthy, such as “compulsive shopping” (I like to think of it as retail therapy) or “balding”... conditions that can either be attributed to other emotional issues or just normal aging!

Before resolving to “fix” yourself or be cured of one of these fake “disorders”, either via prescription medications or other ways, take a look at our findings.

There is likely an alternative or natural remedy that could a better solution than adding another pill to the daily routine.

New Disorders - Are You Being Duped?

Remember, we want your feedback, so send us an email at editor@nativeremedies.com and tell us what you think.



Paulette Gough, Editor
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New Disorders - Are You Being Duped?

People often refer to our society as severely over-medicated and perhaps that claim is not quite such an exaggeration anymore! According to the National Council on Patient Information and Education, 49% of all Americans use prescription drugs – and 32 million are taking three or more each day! These staggering statistics account for over $110 billion in sales.

If those numbers aren’t convincing enough that we may be succumbing to the pressures of the media to use prescription drugs to solve any and all ailments, perhaps the onslaught of new “disorders” cropping up may be further evidence to take a second look before popping another pill.

One of the most notable includes compulsive shopping “disorder”, where “victims” are now being prescribed medicine to “control symptoms”

learn how to treat the real symptoms beHind these "disorders" >

Keep Your 2008 Resolutions

We're here to help!

Millions of Americans set at least one New Year’s resolution every January 1st. Of the large percentage of people who make a verbal commitment to themselves, friends, or loved ones to implement a change, only about 20% actually fulfill that goal over a long-term period (a year or longer).

Although these numbers are grim, there are specific tips you can follow to help make this year your personal success story.

The statistics may be against us in adhering to our goals in the short-term, but if we can sustain our personal promises over a period of time, success rates are much higher. Studies have shown that New Year’s resolutions have a success rate of 75% past the first week, 71% past two weeks, 64% after one month, and only 46% after six months.

Find out how you can stick to your resolutions >

Can Eating More Food Mean Losing More Weight?

Have you heard of negative calorie foods? Negative calorie foods are those which require more energy (calories) to digest than they provide nutritionally to our bodies - and people typically overlook them when trying to lose weight.

Dieters are often so obsessed with following the strict guidelines imposed by their diets that they limit their food intake (sometimes drastically) and deprive the body of essential fibers, vitamins, and nutrients it needs to maintain proper health and balanced function.

find out which foods can help you lose weight >


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"I am a 40 year old woman who can't stop shopping compulsive, impulsive whatever, they wanted me to try Abilify 5mg. I would rather do natural..." – Heather


Hi Heather,

Thank you for your query. We recommend that you take our Native Remedy products specifically formulated for adults with OCD.

We can highly recommend a combination of our MindSoothe and PureCalm remedies to assist with the depression and anxiety.

MindSoothe is our 100% herbal alternative to the prescription SSRI and anti-depressant drugs and is very effective for the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders, including depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and OCD. Clinical research has demonstrated that the ingredients used in MindSoothe are at least as effective as the major anti-depressant drugs, without the same risk of side effects. Used regularly, you should notice significant improvement within 3 - 5 weeks, although some people respond even sooner. MindSoothe cannot be taken simultaneously as pharmaceutical antidepressants.

Many people like to use our PureCalm Drops while they are waiting for the MindSoothe to take full effect. PureCalm Drops are wonderfully calming and relaxing without causing drowsiness. PureCalm contains selected herbs which help with the short term, symptomatic treatment of anxiety and stress. Unlike MindSoothe, this remedy does not have to be taken every day, but can be used as needed. You will find PureCalm very helpful during the first few weeks of taking MindSoothe - thereafter most people find that they need to use it less and less.

For more info, please go to:


Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Warm regards,
The Native Remedies Team


"I have been exercising for almost 9 years now when I quit smoking and it seems like each year I gain 5 to 10 lbs. I am one of those people who is not severe overweight but have been trying to lose 20 lbs and I can lose about 5 to 10 lbs but it always comes back. What would be the best product for me to use?" –Dee


Hi Dee,

To help you lose the weight, we highly recommend our EcoSlim remedy along with our Detox Drops. All the ingredients of these remedies have a very high safety profile and are generally well-tolerated without side-effects at all. Detox Drops and EcoSlim will also be effective even if you just have a small amount of weight to lose.

To read more about these two products, please go to:

Detox Drops

The response shown are is an excerpt; please click here to read full response


"I am a smoker of about 35 years and would like desperately to quit. Do you have a product that will help me to do so from day one? This is the first time I will have ever tried to quit." –Pat


Hi Pat,

You are to be commended for researching the use of natural alternatives to the prescription drugs with their risk of side effects and potential for addiction.

Quitting smoking can be a slow process depending on your levels of addiction and we commend you on your excellent decision to adopt a healthier smoke free lifestyle. We can highly recommend our Crave-Rx Drops which is formulated to help with the nicotine withdrawal.

The response shown are is an excerpt; please click here to read full response

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