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Finding Your Way Beyond Depression & Anxiety

Finding Direction on the Dark Path of Depression

In This Issue:


Emotions Unveiled

With depression being one of the most commonly diagnosed ailments today, we thought it was important to help raise awareness on possible underlying causes that are responsible for depression as a symptom.

Many people don't know that while depression can be a serious illness all in itself, all too often it is experienced as a symptom of systemic imbalance.

Read more on the imbalances that cause depression as a symptom.

As the systems of the body are interrelated, proper functioning and optimal health occurs when they are in balance and harmony. It is important to consider all disturbances in these delicate systems and opt for a holistic approach to caring for your body.

Some common examples of ailments that cause depression as a symptom include vitamin deficiency and decreased t-hormone levels due to imbalances in the endocrine system. Even these ailments are mostly caused by disturbances that may occur due to lack of exercise and improper nutrition.

An excellent way to benefit from exercise and enhance your mood at the same time is through dance or movement therapy.

Studies have shown that benefits from this form of therapy include the improvement of symptoms of depression and anxiety. It is also a magnificent way to connect with your body and release repressed emotions that may be causing harm to the delicate systems in the body.

Find out how you can dance your way to better emotional and physical health.

A lot of people struggling with depression find it difficult to "get going", so starting a dance routine or any other physical activity may not be easy.

Find out what you can do to kick start your energy levels.

Remember, we want your feedback, so send us an email at editor@nativeremedies.com and tell us what you think.



Paulette Gough, Editor
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Was Your Depression Misdiagnosed?

Depression as a symptom of underlying disease

More Americans are being diagnosed with depression and prescribed antidepressant medication now than ever before. The top two prescription antidepressant medications reached nearly 4.5 billion in sales in 2006 and have only grown. Both are used to treat anxiety and major depressive disorder.

So where does this modern epidemic stem from? Some experts believe that it may be a misdiagnosis. Generally speaking, depression is considered an ailment in itself, but if we consider mental and physical health in a holistic manner we might discover that depression is many times a symptom of disease rather than an isolated condition.

Learn more about depression as a disease >

Breaking Down Emotional Walls

Rebuilding Your Interpersonal Relationships

There is no doubt that the effects of anxiety or depression can greatly impact the life of the individual and everyone around them, reaching from personal relationships with friends, spouses and children, even to co-workers.

Learning how to deal with the upheaval emotional problems can bring is difficult but there is help. By categorizing the different interpersonal relationships it can be easier to break down the walls depression has built around each one.

Learn more about rebuilding your relationships >


Can You Dance Depression Away?

Finding harmony & healing through movement

It's as simple as this: The more you move your body, the lesser the chance of depression or anxiety setting in.

Dance is considered the most fundamental of arts, as it involves a direct expression of oneself through the movements of the body. Because it is such a basic form of genuine communication, it is considered an especially efficient form of therapy.

Find out more on dancing away depression >


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"Can I take PureCalm with Zoloft? " - Todd


Hi Todd,

PureCalm will be quite safe to take with your prescription medication.

In addition, we can recommend our Triple Complex Nerve Tonic which has been formulated to soothe anxiety, prevent panic attacks and improve nervous system functioning. These are tissue salts which work at a cellular level and will enhance the therapeutic effects of the PureCalm. They are also safe to take along with Zoloft

For more info, please go to:
Triple Complex Nerve Tonic

Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Warm regards,
The Native Remedies Team


"I have been suffering from several mental disorders including adult ADD, generalized anxiety, memory failure, and depression. I was wondering which combination of your natural remedies would work best for me? Thank you for your time and help" - Lynn


Hi Lynn,

We are sorry to hear about your situation and hope that our remedies will be able to help you.

For the ADD and memory failure we can highly recommend a combination of Focus ADDult and Focus Formula.

Focus ADDult contains three highly effective tonic herbs in concentrated medicinal extract. It is important that it be taken regularly in order to enhance the overall tonic effect. While some people show an immediate effect, most people can expect to notice a difference in energy levels and mental clarity after about three weeks of continued usage.

Concentration, focus and memory should show increased improvement over time. You will notice that you can think more clearly and in a more focused way. Students and scholars should notice an increased concentration span and the ability to study effectively for longer periods of time. Be aware that lifestyle factors like diet, health and fitness levels will all play a part in concentration and overall cognitive functioning. While Focus ADDult is highly effective on its own, its effectiveness will be increased with regular exercise, sufficient sleep and a healthy, balanced diet.

Focus ADHD Formula is a safe and very effective herbal remedy for ADHD. It is easy to administer (being in liquid form) and contains ingredients in one formula to deal with all of the aspects of ADHD. You would take a few drops in some water (or juice) in the morning, and again in the evening - just two doses per day. Focus will provide relief from typical ADHD symptoms such as impulsiveness, hyperactivity and concentration. Focus is effective for both ADD and ADHD as there is no unwanted sedative effect.

The response shown are is an excerpt; please click here to read full response.

If you have a question for Michele, or any of our other experts, please visit Ask Our Experts on the Native Remedies website.

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