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Protecting Your Health ~ Super-bugs, Viruses & More

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Staying Healthy

Most of us think we can breathe a sigh of relief now that winter is almost gone and flu season is supposedly over-- but that is far from true.

Actually, reports indicate that the flu will be around well into spring and even if you have had the flu shot, you aren’t completely void of risk.

Most people are also misinformed about the flu vaccine itself, believing that it prevents infection completely-- but think again, because this is not the case!

Fortunately there are a few things we can do to prevent getting sick with a cold or flu this winter-- well, this spring.

Find out more about how you can avoid getting sick as winter ends >>

In addition to the cold and flu, there is another viral issue we need to be concerned about... the “attack of the super-bug”! We may not have to worry about being attacked per se, but we do need to think about what we are doing to contribute to the creation of this super-bug.

Learn more about how the overuse of antibiotics, super strong disinfectants, antibacterial hand lotion and wipes all play a role >>

We all know cleanliness is next to godliness, right? Although this is true, we have to be careful because being “too clean” can cause problems too.

Find out the best way to stay clean and healthy, without overdoing it >>

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Paulette Gough, Editor
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Think You’ve Avoided the Winter Flu? Well… Think Again!

Even with warmer weather approaching (we hope) we are still not out of the woods with regards to flu season. Although this is surprising to most, the flu epidemic can often stretch into spring, which looks to be the case this year.

Geographic location also plays a role… the flu hits the hardest around February in the Northern Hemisphere and September in the Southern.

So, for those who have managed to avoid the flu throughout the winter and thought they were home free-- think again!

Find out how to keep the flu at bay >


Are We Creating a Deadly Super-bug?

Antibiotic overuse, disinfectants, excessive cleanliness & more

In an ironic twist to humanity’s plagues of the past, could it be that we now stand the chance of facing a worldwide pandemic because we are too clean? The overuse of antibiotics-- combined with the widely spread use of disinfectants-- could be causing microscopic mutations with potentially catastrophic consequences, including the creation of deadly ‘super-bugs’.

Products such as bug-resistant toys, steering wheels, and toothbrushes are also depriving the body of its ability to develop the necessary immune responses that should naturally protect us when facing a potential bacterial infection.

Find out more about super-bugs >


How Clean is TOO Clean?

They say cleanliness is next to godliness, but it can’t give us immortality- and actually being too clean can kill.

Here are some helpful tips to keep your home clean and safe:

Don’t abuse antibacterial soaps and detergents: They’re good to have at hand but for the most part, doctors recommend washing your hands thoroughly with warm water and regular soap for approximately 20 seconds. Hands should always be washed after using the restroom and before eating. These habits can be taught to children early on.

are you too clean? Click here to find out >


Meet Michele Carelse - Your Expert

Hello! You probably recognize my name from the Native Remedies site, where I have been sharing my advice on the link between physical ailments and psychological health, gained from 15 years of experience as a clinical psychologist.

I have been a contributing force behind the scenes at Native Remedies for years, working with a team of expert herbalists, naturopaths, and homeopaths in the formulation of our natural remedies. I have also supervised the team of health consultants who answer your email questions and provide health and remedy information on the Native Remedies website. Because I have been closely involved in reading and responding to your emails, I feel that I know your needs and concerns very well. This has made me want to reach out to you even more.

Learn more about Michele Carelse >


Ask Our Experts

When you have a question, you can always Ask Our Experts on our website. We have experts from many fields available to review your questions and provide professional advice, including our clinical psychologist, Michele.


"I had a blood infection causing a fever for several weeks, and I just came out of the hospital. Now my white blood cell count is very low, hence a weak immune system. My question is-- how does ImmunityPlus work in the body? Does it help generate white blood cells? Thanks!" – Qinhao


Hi Qinhao,

ImmunityPlus™ is a 100% safe, non-addictive natural herbal remedy formulated to safely maintain the health and systemic balance of the immune system, without harmful side effects and stimulants.  ImmunityPlus contains a selection of herbs known for their supportive function in maintaining immune system health and well-being. It supports the healthy functioning of the immune system, thereby helping to maintain the natural defense against pathogens and optimum performance.

As we grow older, we sometimes begin to notice that our immune systems are not as good as they used to be. ImmunityPlus can especially benefit those individuals needing to support routine immune strength to guard against common conditions associated with the maturing of cells.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Warm regards,
The Native Remedies Team



"My 5 year old is on his 3rd round of antibiotic for an ear infection in 4 months. Regular follow ups with the ENT have told us even on his best day he has fluid in the middle ear and slightly impaired hearing. My husband and I find that his balance, speech and certainly his hearing are affected on regular intervals--of course his mood too.

Would [your ear sprinkles] work if we just used these and not the drops? He is especially sensitive to drops in his ears and says it feels like water in his ears, which always bothers him.

If the sprinkles will work regardless we are desperate to try…" – Cristina Papa


Hi Cristina,

Eddy Ear Sprinkles™ is a very effective remedy for healthy ears, especially when combined with Ear-Ok Drops. However, it would be perfectly fine to use the product as a stand alone if the drops cause your little one discomfort. We've also included some helpful tips to protect against further ear trouble:

  • Protect your child from second-hand smoke. Tobacco smoke increases the frequency and severity of ear trouble. Make sure no one in the home or at school/day-care smokes.
  • Protect your family from colds by keeping their immune systems in peak health, avoiding very crowded places and washing hands frequently.
  • Keep your child's immune system healthy by ensuring he/she eats a well-balanced diet containing plenty of fruit and vegetables. For babies, breastfeeding is the most important single factor in determining immune functioning. Breastfeeding for 6-12 months has been shown to reduce the incidence of ear infections in children.
  • Control allergies by keeping your child away from known triggers such as pet dander, dust, or foods like dairy products and wheat.
  • To help keep your child's Eustachian tube open and draining effectively, massage with gentle pressure from the back of the ear along and down to the jawbone. Gently push and release the flap of skin in front of the ear several times.
  • If your child does contract a cold, try to keep the nasal passages as clear as possible with saline nose drops, steam and suction.
  • Bottle-fed babies who drink their bottles in a horizontal position are more prone to ear trouble because milk can run into the ear while drinking. Feed your bottle-fed baby in an upright position similar to that of a baby who is breast feeding.
  • Never insert objects like cotton swabs into the ear. This only introduces more infection and can also damage the ear drum. Healthy ears are self-cleansing. If the ear should become blocked with wax, one or two doses of our Eddy Ear Sprinkles will soften the wax and allow it to be expelled naturally.

For further info, please go to: Eddy Ear Sprinkles Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Warm regards,
The Native Remedies Team

If you have a question for Michele, or any of our other experts, please visit Ask Our Experts on the Native Remedies website.

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