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Managing the Summertime Ups & Downs of ADD/ADHD
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Managing the Summertime Ups & Downs of ADD/ADHD

In This Issue:

Check out our Anxiety Newsletter or our Monthly Newsletter on Taking Care of Yourself and Your Children Over Summer Vacation for more great articles!

Michele’s Message

This month we have an excellent set of articles on the importance of keeping your kids on track with their medicine even while school's out. And don't miss our article on the American Heart Association's recommendation that children currently taking or scheduled to begin taking certain medication for learning disorders undergo a cardiovascular screening.

We have also included some great tips which have helped many of our customers in the past as well as a psychologist's input into the subjects discussed - I hope you find this useful!

- Michele Carelse


Summer Survival

We all like to relax - or try to at least - during the summer months and it is very common to unintentionally neglect health routines that are upheld during the rest of the year... including maintaining exercise, diet, or even taking your natural remedies.

While no two children (or families) are exactly alike, there are tips that will help parents decide what is best for their ADD/ADHD children during the summer break.

Read our complete ADD/ADHD summer survival guide >>

And always remember, you are not alone! Native Remedies is here to help with advice, support and to provide the best natural remedies for you and your family!

In addition, summer also prompts parents to think about the upcoming fall school term... and how to address ADD/ADHD issues both at home and in the classroom.

However, before heading to the doctor, be aware that the American Heart Association issued a recommendation for all children currently taking or scheduled to take prescription ADD/ADHD medication to receive a thorough cardiovascular screening.

This advice follows self-reports of heart complications in children, including death, stroke, heart attack, pain, and/or heart palpitations.

This precaution is intended to help protect against the increased risk for cardiac complications among those with underlying heart conditions and these medications.

What is so disturbing about the risk of heart troubles surrounding these medications is that heart disease often goes undetected in children.

Read more about cardiac risks for ADD/ADHD children >>

Remember, we want your feedback, so send us an email at editor@nativeremedies.com and tell us what you think.



Paulette Gough, Editor
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Summer is No Time to Slack - (on your natural remedies)

With vacations and a more laid-back mindset the norm for many families during the summer months, it is easy to neglect health routines that are upheld during the school year... including maintaining exercise, diet, or even taking remedies.

Of course, both parents and children need vacation time to unwind and relax in a less structured (and arguably more creative way) than they are able to do at school. The long summer break offers an ideal opportunity for all of these essential activities!

However, many parents of children with concentration and behavioral problems such as ADD/ADHD, ODD, anxiety, Autism and Asperger's Syndrome report that vacations can be stressful for children as well as parents. When they are over, children often take weeks to settle back into the routine of school.

Many times vacations seem to "undo" all the progress achieved during the school term. And then there is the issue of medication - should it be continued or should children give their systems a 'break' from medication during the summer? Because consistency in any holistic health plan is so important for supporting health, continuing regular dosage of natural remedies should be a part of any vacation preparation.

Learn more about continuing routines during summer vacation >

Heart Screening Alert for Children

Do you know the risks of using prescription meds?

The American Heart Association issued a recommendation for all children currently taking or diagnosed to begin taking prescription ADD/ADHD medication to receive a thorough cardiovascular screening.

This warning follows last year's FDA ordinance to ADD/ADHD drug manufacturers to include warning labels on drugs regarding the increased risk for cardiac complications among those with underlying heart conditions, as prescription ADD/ADHD stimulants raise both heart rate and blood pressure.

What makes this discovery more disturbing in regards to the risk of heart troubles surrounding these medications is that heart disease often goes undetected in children. The AHA reports suggest that 33 to 42 percent of pediatric heart patients also have ADD/ADHD. From 1999 to 2004, the FDA reported 19 children on prescription ADD/ADHD medicine who died suddenly, and 26 showed signs of heart complications, including stroke, heart attack, pain, and/or heart palpitations.

In addition, Health Canada (the Canadian version of the FDA) banned Adderall, a commonly prescribed drug for ADD/ADHD, after a review of FDA records of self-reported deaths of 12 American children.

Learn more about the risks of prescription meds >

The Results are In and…
Hayatee Hasan and Daril are our "Mommy and Me" photo contest winners!

With the great response we had from our loyal customers and so many cute pictures, it was extremely difficult to choose a winner. But after much deliberation Native Remedies is proud to announce the winner of our Mommy & Me May 2008 contest!

Congratulations to Hayatee Hasan and her son Daril of Geneva, Switzerland who will receive $50 worth of Native Remedies products.

Click here for details on our next contest>>


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Hi Tina,

If you are referring to our Triple Complex Mood Tonic then yes, it is quite safe for your son to take. This is one of our Triple Complex remedies formulated from specially selected biochemic tissue salts to address health at a cellular level.

We also invite you to look at our MindSoothe Jr., Tula Tantrum Tamer, K-OK Kiddie Calmer, and Mom's Magic Trauma Sprinkles-- all of which have been specially formulated by our Clinical Psychologist to assist children in a natural way.

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