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Learning the Keys to Longevity at Any Age

Take Care of Yourself & Your Kids This Summer

In This Issue:

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Michele’s Message

For parents facing the prospect of their child being prescribed cholesterol-lowering drugs, weight-management should be a priority.

This month, we have an excellent set of articles on lifestyle changes that can help curb the alarming rates of obesity in children and parents in addition to tips to lengthen longevity!

We have also included some useful information which has helped many of our customers in the past. I hope you find them useful!


Longevity Starts Now

With languid summer days soon a memory of the past, it's time to get kids ready for school and for you as a parent, this might bring one word to mind: stress. Many times we forget how important we are as role models to children or younger family members and how our personal habits can affect our own health and theirs!

In this month's issue, we address the alarming obesity rates among children and teenagers, and the shocking news that doctors have had to go as far as prescribing cholesterol-reducing drugs to children as young as eight years of age.

See how you can use the new school year to start new and healthy routines that will benefit the entire family.

Learn how to reduce cholesterol naturally

Also in this months issue we explore the importance of taking responsibility for establishing healthy habits for the present and the future for others as well as ourselves!

We often fail to realize how unhealthy habits may be rooted in the past and be further carried out by our own children in the future, or prolonged by our own disregard to implement healthy changes.

As we get caught up in our day-to-day routine which may likely consist of unhealthy habits, it is a common mistake to assume that we are genetically pre-disposed to certain diseases and conditions. What we fail to see is that health and longevity are actually in our hands.

Discover how you can help your family have healthier genes

Finally, give your body and mind a well deserved tune-up. We offer diet and lifestyle changes that can make a gigantic impact on your health—for the better!

Simple tips to promote health from the inside out

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Paulette Gough, Editor
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Heart Health Begins at Home
Establish healthy habits at an early age

With the new school year approaching and so many things to manage in order to get children ready, it can become easy to overlook one of the most fundamental aspects of a child's life: nutrition. During vacation many routines may be neglected, and healthy meals shared with the family may be overlooked. With that in mind, the new school year can be seen as a fresh start and a way of getting the entire family back on a healthy track.

Did you know that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease has been the number one cause of death in the United States for the past 80 years? Statistics show that every 34 seconds, someone in the U.S. dies from heart disease That's more than an astonishing 2,500 deaths in a day.

Learn how to reduce cholesterol naturally

Defying "Predisposed" Diseases Health and longevity are in your hands

One of the most common misconceptions is that we cannot change our genetic predispositions, and are therefore pre-destined to suffer from diseases that have long been considered hereditary.

Doctors even recommend people with a family history of diseases such as cancer and diabetes to be monitored more frequently then those who do not. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself how your lifestyle influences genetics? The answer is a lot.

Recent studies suggest that people of all ages who are predisposed to certain family diseases can significantly reduce their chances of developing diseases that tend to run in the family, regardless of their age. They can also modify the tendency to develop diseases for future generations down the road.

Discover how you can help your family have healthier genes

Healthy Hearts Start with Healthy Habits

7 easy tips to prevent heart disease

  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. A quick way to ensure you're eating a variety of nutrients is to keep meals colorful. A rainbow of colors ensures that you are receiving a balanced amount of nutrients from food.
  • Don’t smoke! It is well-known that smoking and secondhand smoke are harmful, but smoking in front of your children can endanger their future health in another way, as well. Your children look up to you, and this negative habit can become engrained in their subconscious. It has been proven that children are more likely to smoke if they were raised in a household where one or both parents also smoked.

Simple tips to promote health from the inside out

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Native Remedies is excited to introduce 18 additional products to our already extensive line of proven and trusted natural remedies! In addition, we have added 2 additional products to our PetAlive line.

These new homeopathic remedies include help to relieve symptoms of many common problems like vertigo , acne, flight anxiety, grief, mood swings, social fear and much, much more!

All of these products from our Clinical Psychologist Michele Carelse are 100% homeopathic, proven, safe and effective and available exclusively on our website based on your requests and feedback!

Why Homeopathic Remedies Work

Homeopathic remedies work according to the principle of 'like treats like' and stimulates the body's own vital force to heal itself. The homeopathic approach is a holistic one and takes into account physical as well as psychological components, using highly potentized and proven ingredients which have a high safety profile and a long history of effectiveness.


PetAlive Monthly Pet Photo Contest

Perhaps you're already familiar with PetAlive, but in case you're not, we also offer a complete range of herbal and homeopathic products specifically designed to support health in your pet in a holistic and natural manner. We encourage you to visit PetAlive, and also to check out our monthly pet contest!

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Ask Our Experts

When you have a question, you can always Ask Our Experts on our website. We have experts from many fields available to review your questions and provide professional advice, including our Clinical Psychologist, Michele.


"I'm interested in learning more about JuniorSlim™ for my son. He's just over 4 ft. tall and weighs approximately 90 lbs. My question is how long will it take for us to see results? Thank You."

-Kai S.


Hi Kai,

JuniorSlim™is a weight loss supplement for kids. JuniorSlim supports a child's developing immune system and promotes systemic balance and improved energy levels. Results should be seen within 3 - 6 weeks. JuniorSlim contains gentle all natural proven herbs in therapeutic dosage. Regular use of JuniorSlim will support healthy metabolism without jeopardizing normal growth.


"I have a 7 year old who weighs 102.6 and an 11 year old who weighs 172. They really hate their size. I want to know if this product is safe for me to try with my kids. Also, do you recommend that I ask their doctor before giving this product to them? I am also overweight and don't want my kids to feel how I do. If your product is good for my kids, please let me know. Thank you."

- Elizabeth


Hi Elizabeth,

JuniorSlim™ has been formulated to maintain healthy digestive functioning to help promote healthy weight in children. Excess weight in children not only results in potential health risks, but can also be damaging to self-esteem and confidence. This herbal remedy is formulated by our Clinical Psychologist to address both the physical and emotional causes of weight gain. Used in combination with a healthy lifestyle, JuniorSlim will promote a healthy metabolism and support optimum functioning of the digestive system and other essential organs.

Another product which will be of great benefit is our weight loss tonic: Triple Complex Slimmer's Assist™. This tissue salt remedy gets to work on a cellular level, promoting lipid breakdown (breakdown of fats)! It can also be used with other remedies - in fact, it will enhance the effect of other products for all-around support. We recommend that you use it in conjunction with JuniorSlim for your children. When undertaking any diet, it is always best to consult with your doctor, and we recommend that you do so, as well.

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