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A Clean Slate… ADD/ADHD Lessons
from the Classroom and Beyond

A Clean Slate… ADD/ADHD Lessons

In This Issue:

Michele’s Message

As we approach the new season of fall, just as we recognize the changes in the leaves, we should acknowledge the habits and patterns in ourselves that may need some changing, as well.

This month we put the focus on helping our kids with ADD/ADHD begin the school year… from preparation to pointers.  

We also shed some light on how to avoid letting the stress of starting a new school year affect our own health… as kids are not the only ones who deal with seasonal stressors!

As always, Native Remedies will be right there to help whenever you need us.


A Successful Start

As summer comes to a close, for parents, it is time to begin preparing your child for the new school year. While the classroom can be a daunting and challenging time for any child, for an ADD/ADHD child, the pressures are even greater.

Learn more about managing the transition from summer to school

For others without children, the start of the school year can still cause stressors to contend with, particularly for adults with ADD/ADHD. However, the proper perspective combined with natural remedies can provide much-needed support for almost any issue that may arise.

Read more about lessons learned beyond the classroom

As adults, we often have a greater ability to apply maturity and experiences to handle obstacles that come our way, effectively managing our younger children. Unfortunately, reaching out to teens troubled with ADD/ADHD can present a challenge. However, there are many ways you can manage your teen while salvaging your own sanity.

Read more about tips tailored to teens with ADD/ADHD

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Paulette Gough, Editor
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Back-to-School Doesn’t Have to be a Battle

Managing kids with ADD/ADHD

Starting off a new school year can be daunting and challenging for any child… but for a child with ADD/ADHD, the pressure is even greater. However, parents, teachers, and other important people in a child’s life can provide support and help to make the transition from summer to school much more manageable.

Before school begins, spend time with your child discussing the upcoming school year. Allow your child to express any fears or concerns, which may help alleviate any undue nervousness and anxiety he or she may be experiencing. Children who struggle with learning and concentration difficulties are at an increased risk for developing depression, as they may feel alienated from their peers or frustrated with their capabilities.

Learn more about Managing kids with add/adhd >

Beyond the Classroom…
Challenges Adults Face Each Fall

Parental pressures and more

Whether or not you have children in the household, you will likely feel the effects of a new school term regardless. More traffic on the road often results in road rage; stores are more crowded, which can challenge patience levels; and advertisements bombard consumers with messages to “get organized”, which can cause anxiety in people already juggling multiple responsibilities.

These additional stressors can turn even the most level-headed person into a nervous wreck, worrying about their children reaching for preconceived standards of success or evaluating personal goals and achievements as a result of the back-to-school frenzy.   

learn moRE About the challenges adults face >

Tips for Managing Teens with ADD/ADHD

Vacations are here, which inevitably leads to shifts in daily routines and time management habits.  On the flip side, this usually means less stress and time spent worrying, and more time to dedicate to family and friends.

To help maintain healthy lifestyles during this shift in season, the following few simple tips can help everyone transition smoothly. 

GET GREAT TIPS for managing teens with ADD/ADHD >

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Ask Our Experts

When you have a question, you can always Ask Our Experts on our website. We have experts from many fields available to review your questions and provide professional advice, including our Clinical Psychologist, Michele.


"I'm continually searching without much success trying to help my son, who's 13 years old.  He has never officially been diagnosed but has "tendencies".  Classic symptoms include inability to sit still, extreme trouble focusing, very emotional, has trouble making and keeping friends, low self-esteem, and poor grades. 

We've tried drugs (which I was against), which made him dark and aggressive.  We've also tried acupuncture, which I truly think helps, but it's a very slow process.  We've tried changing his diet, but let's face it, when he's away from home; he's eating what all the other kids are eating.  Nothing has made a huge difference and as he gets older, I worry more.  I want to see him interactive and happy. Help!"

- Robin


Hi Robin,
We highly recommend a combination of Focus ADDult™ and BrightSpark™. Focus ADDult contains three highly effective tonic herbs in concentrated medicinal extract. It is important that it be taken regularly in order to enhance the overall tonic effect.

While some people show an immediate effect, most people can expect to notice a difference in energy levels and mental clarity after about three weeks of continued usage.

Concentration, focus and memory should show increased improvement over time. You will notice that you can think more clearly and in a more focused way. Students and scholars should notice an increased concentration span and the ability to study effectively for longer periods of time.

Be aware that lifestyle factors like diet, health and fitness levels will all play a part in concentration and overall cognitive functioning. While Focus ADDult is highly effective on its own, its effectiveness will be increased with regular exercise, sufficient sleep and a healthy, balanced diet.

BrightSpark is a very effective homeopathic remedy. As a homeopathic medication, one would take it every day including on weekends. Some children immediately benefit from BrightSpark, while for others it can take up to 3- 6 weeks for full effect. However, it is ultimately extremely effective. BrightSpark comes in small sucking tablets, taken 2 at a time, 3 times daily.

Each product is effective on its own - however the best recommendation is a combination of the two products. While BrightSpark works on the cause and can provide long term benefits, Focus ADDult works to relieve symptoms, while also improving cerebral blood flow and helping the brain to heal itself. By using a combination of two remedies that work differently your son has the best chance for success.
For more information:

Focus ADDult

Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.
Warm regards,
The Native Remedies Team



"Please help my son… I have tried another natural remedy and it did not help. His doctor is recommending conventional methods. He is great at home but has troubles at school and in social situations. I would love to go natural… please help."

- Patsy


Hi Patsy,

Together with our team of health experts in the field of natural medicine, we have made a special study of remedies for concentration-related difficulties. Depending on the specific symptoms, the following remedies have been shown to be very effective used either in combination or as stand alone products:

The response shown are is an excerpt; please click here to read full response.

If you have a question for Michele, or any of our other experts, please visit Ask Our Experts on the Native Remedies website.

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