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Keep a Winning Attitude in the Race of Life

  • Survival of the Fittest
  • The Power of Positivity on Self-Esteem
  • It’s All in Your Head
  • Our Next PetAlive Contest
  • Our September Specials
Keep a Winning Attitude in the Race of Life

In This Issue:

Michele’s Message

For parents facing the prospect of a child’s new academic year and all the organization this entails, life can sometimes become a little too hectic to manage.

This month, we have an excellent set of articles on attitudes and beliefs that can help us make the most out of life’s trials in addition to tips to maintain a positive attitude!

We have also included some useful information which has helped many of our customers in the past.

I hope you find them useful!


The Race is On…

It’s that time of the year again – kids are back in school, parents are back to normal schedules, and the holidays are slowly creeping around the corner. Overwhelmed by things to do and accomplish before the year’s end, we may feel as though it’s all just too much.

When we don’t manage these common worries properly, problems can arise, including sleeping disorders, anxiety, and even a lowered immune system. This can add even more stress to your life. The recent Olympics, showcasing some of the world’s top athletes, may have made us wonder, how do they do it?

In this month’s issue, we want to bring you insight on attitudes held by athletes and survivors alike that can be learned and applied to our everyday lives to help us stay on track—even when faced with seemingly impossible obstacles.

See how you can learn to be more like an Olympic athlete in the race of life.

Learn the attitudes that can improve your quality of life

Also in this month’s issue, we explore the importance of self-esteem in children and teenagers.

With the undeniable pressures children and adolescents face today due to an extremely competitive environment, nurturing a healthy sense of self is a must for their development. It’s all too easy for parents to get caught up in a hectic routine due to the demands of modern life, but parents are the single most important influence in a child’s life, and can therefore make a huge difference in their child’s approach to life’s ups and downs.

Discover how healthy self-esteem can make your child happier and healthier

Finally, learn the relationship between body and mind, and how keeping your attitude positive can give your overall health a boost.

Simple tips to promote a positive attitude and therefore good health

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Paulette Gough, Editor
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Survival of the Fittest

With the recent Olympic Games in Beijing, many of us have heard a story or two about the demanding schedules of the athletes who must adhere to strict diets and endless hours of training. Many of these athletes also have families, and one can only imagine the balancing act they must have learned to master to stay on top of all those obligations.

With summer officially over, successfully re-adjusting to tight schedules, traffic jams and hectic routines once again becomes paramount. We can look at attitudes highly developed in top athletes that enable them to actually thrive under pressure. Similar to the attitudes researchers have observed in survivors, athletes can teach us a thing or two about facing the challenges in life head-on and keeping a winning attitude while at it.

Learn more about Managing the challenges ahead >

The Power of Positivity on Self-Esteem

One of the key factors in determining levels of personal happiness and success stems from healthy self-esteem. With support structures within the family often crumbling due to hectic lifestyles and busy schedules, it can become hard to instill strong personal values in our children. In addition, pressures from the media – which promote ideals of beauty and status symbols –are hard (if not impossible) to live up to and attain.

It would be much easier if the endless drive of competition stressed other qualities such as being well-educated or competitive, but the reality today is that superficial values have taken precedence over other more important issues, and children are exposed to that from the moment they start developing their personalities at a very young age.


It’s All in Your Head

Various theories agree that emotions can cause noticeable physical changes in the body. These physical changes can be perceived as body sensations. For example, fear causes an increase in heartbeat, and happiness induces an expansive feeling in the chest and a feeling of lightness. Your attitude and cognitive abilities towards life events largely determines your response and feeling. A positive mental attitude is very good insurance against temperamental mood swings and can ensure good physical and emotional health

A negative approach to life leads to a depletion of energy, reducing overall vigor, causing feelings of depression and lethargy. Positivity, on the other hand, energizes and motivates.  You can help yourself to attain a positive mental attitude. This can ultimately affect your performance at work; give you overall happiness, and a better temperament.


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Ask Our Experts

When you have a question, you can always Ask Our Experts on our website. We have experts from many fields available to review your questions and provide professional advice, including our Clinical Psychologist, Michele.


"Which is the best product for a child who lacks self-confidence? Can more than one product be taken at the same time? Thank you!"

- Mrs. V.


Hi Mrs. V., 

We would recommend our product K-OK Kiddie Calmer™ for the nervous child. K-OK Kiddie Calmer helps children to maintain routine healthy confidence and supports mood by providing a sound platform for emotional wellness and vitality.

K-OK Kiddie Calmer can be used to:

-Reduce nervousness, worry and shyness in children
-Help ease routine childhood fears
-Promote relaxation and sense of security
-Promote a healthy sense of self and confidence
-Lessen feelings being flustered and overwhelmed
-Promote healthy attitudes towards separation and adjustment to new situations

Self-esteem is a term that we hear frequently these days, and we associate it loosely with having confidence in ourselves, being able to be assertive, and generally having the ability to manage life and all that it brings with it.

The response shown are is an excerpt; please click here to read full response.


"I am a 53 yr old male, lacto vegetarian, that doesn’t smoke or drink… I have been struggling for years to recover my emotional balance, avoid feelings of worthlessness, low self-esteem… Any suggestions about your products as well as practical as other practical advice? Thank you very much."

- Glenn.


Hi Glenn ,

Thank you for your query. You are to be commended for researching the use of natural alternatives.

When one is experiencing the blues and feeling low, this can exacerbate into feelings of low self-esteem and other symptoms which you are experiencing and one will then start searching for something to fill the ache and take away the pain.

Unless the addressed at its root cause, these feelings will tend to reappear in varying degrees throughout your life.

We would recommend a combination of our MindSoothe™ for you as well as our PureCalm™.

The response shown are is an excerpt; please click here to read full response.

If you have a question for Michele, or any of our other experts, please visit Ask Our Experts on the Native Remedies website.

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