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Congesto-K Pillow Spritzer

Ear-Ok Drops

Aroma- therapy space and pillow spray to support easy breathing and keep chests open



Internal herbal drops to support healthy ears


Sniffly SprinklesCongesto-K Kiddie Rub

Homeopathic remedy temporarily relieves stuffy nose and chest congestion for easy breathing

FluGoThroat and Tonsil Dr.
Homeopathic remedy temporarily relieves symptoms of the flu or cold like cough, runny nose, fever, sore throat and fatigue


ComboPack Special

ImmunityPlus + ComfiCoffImmunityPlus + ComfiCoff
Soothes the chest and throat and supports a healthy immune system (teens and adults)

Slimmer's Assist + Detox Drops
Slimmer's Assist + Detox DropsPromotes healthy metabolism, system detoxification and healthy weight management.


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The Scary Side of Studying...

Help Stop the Dangers of Exams Stress

From parents pushing academic performance to college entrance standards, many students are feeling the pressure to attain high grades at any cost-including their own health.

Recent studies from the University of Michigan Health System have shown that up to 35 percent of college students and up to 10 percent of high school students abuse prescription stimulant drugs - especially during final exams - to accelerate alertness during studying.

Related Product

StudyPlus Supports concentration and memory functioning


StudyPlus™ Benefits:

  • Support mental alertness and clarity for best study habits and academic performance
  • Support all brain functions including memory, concentration and optimum performance
  • Support all cognitive functions such as alertness, mental processing and organizing of facts learned
  • Support alertness and endurance during long study sessions
  • Maintain a calm approach to work, despite a heavy workload

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Misusing such drugs can cause serious health consequences, including hypertension, depression and stroke. Less serious but equally concerning side effects can include irritability, headaches, and stomachaches.

The first step in preventing this abuse is education. For parents, this means getting involved in your child's study habits and encouraging them to adopt healthy approaches to attaining good grades-which includes plenty of rest, preparing in advance for tests rather than cramming at the last minute, and getting proper nutrition and exercise. All of these natural methods can help boost performance naturally and ease the tension and anxiety around exam periods. Next, inform kids of the facts: while stimulants may provide a short-term boost, the long-term health effects can be devastating.

The point to stress is to avoid being condescending, but rather show support and empathy to encourage healthy, wise decisions. In addition, while the benefits of a holistic approach to health cannot be emphasized enough, herbal and homeopathic remedies can provide learning and concentration support in both the long and short-term. They also can support relaxation and calm the nerves, which can also help the study process.

There's still time to help your child naturally before final exams begin. While most conventional medicines work only to treat symptoms, natural medicine strives to create holistic balance in the body. As people respond to natural medicine in different ways, and some experience immediate results, many others have reported optimal benefits taking effect within several weeks. To ensure optimum results, it is important to take natural remedies as directed and remain consistent-now before exams as well as after for long-term support.

Using herbal and homeopathic remedies together is a very powerful way to both support health and effect healing at the same time - without risking side effects.

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BrightSpark is a 100% homeopathic remedy to temporarily relieve hyperactivity, distractibility, and impulsiveness in children

Focus Formula is a 100% herbal formula to support concentration and attention, while maintaining normal energy levels in children and adults

Focus ADDult Supports brain functions including concentration, focus, and attention span in teens and adults

A+ Test Calmer Settles common exam nerves in students of all ages

StudyPlus Supports concentration and memory functioning

Triple Complex Brain Tonic Supports brain health and functioning, including concentration, memory and balanced mood in all ages

MindSoothe Supports brain health and functioning, including concentration, memory and balanced mood in all ages

MindSoothe Jr. Maintains balanced mood and stability in children

Triple Complex Mood Tonic Promotes balanced mood and ongoing emotional health in all ages

Triple Complex Nerve Tonic Promotes balanced mood and ongoing emotional health in all ages

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"My son seems to be able to handle the pressure he feels from school so much better since starting StudyPlus. I am really glad that I bought it." - Cindy, GA, USA

"A+ Test Calmer has reduced the pre-test (jitters) in my household tremendously... and their grades have even improved! I will be ordering from you again!" - Leigh-Ann R.

"I have found your Focus ADDult and Triple Complex Brain Tonic to be excellent products. Although I am intelligent, I have always found it difficult to study and could never achieve my full potential. These two products have helped me to study for longer periods of time and there is definite improvement in my ability to retain what I have learned. I also notice an improvement in organizing my thinking. Thanks for all your help!" - Chris

We Wish You Good Health!

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