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New Year, New You - How Internal & External Influences Affect ADD/ADHD

What's Inside:

How to Bypass Adult ADD/ADHD Bias


Are American Kids 'Sicker' or Overmedicated?

Tips to Ban the Flu this Season

Wrapping Up the Year with Wellness

In This Issue:


Reaching Full Potential

Especially around the beginning of a new year, we begin scrutinizing ourselves and striving to set personal and professional goals. However, for those with ADD/ADHD, attaining those accomplishments takes more patience and perseverance.

However, how do you feel when others question your efforts? Have you ever been accused of not trying hard enough to reach your full academic or professional potential?

Chances are, if you have ADD/ADHD, it's not your lack of effort... it's your symptoms! Studies show that adults with ADD/ADHD have significantly less educational and occupational achievements than their peers, relative to anticipated accomplishments based on intellect.

However, the bottom line of the study is that the symptoms of ADD/ADHD are holding some adults back from achieving their true professional potential... not intellectual ability.

Learn more about how to overcome common obstacles & unlock your true potential

In addition, there's also a concern over the prevalence of prescription drugs and American children, with a study reporting three times the usage versus Europeans. What's to blame for the seemingly excessive discrepancy?

Find out more on possible causes and what can be done to cut back

As cold and flu season is in full swing, continue to place importance on sustaining immunity to save money and ward of illness in the long-run. Especially for those with ADD/ADHD - as symptoms can become aggravated with OTC cold and flu medication- it's even more crucial to take precautionary measures.

It's not too late to stay safe from the flu

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Paulette Gough, Editor
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Don’t Let ADD/ADHD Stand in Your Way!

As another new year begins, don't let ADD/ADHD interfere with personal success. Studies from the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry show adults with ADD/ADHD have significantly less educational and occupational achievements than their peers, relative to anticipated accomplishments based on intellect.

Learn more about Overcoming ADD/ADHD >

Are Your Kids Hooked on Prescription Drugs?

While most parents worry about their children falling under the influence of illegal street drugs, few probably lose sleep over the effects caused from doctor-prescribed medications, used to treat every ailment from ADD to weight loss. However, studies show that American children receive three times the drug treatments for common medical conditions than European children, according to a report recently published in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health.

Learn more about the Overuse of Prescription Medication >

Bad Flu Season Predicted

Top 10 Tips for Supporting Immunity and Maintaining Health

Australia recently experienced their worst flu season in the past 6 years, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is thus anticipated to be a bad season for the remaining areas affected now by winter weather and subsequently cold and flu season. The U.S. flu season began on Oct. 1 and ends in April.

learn more about flu season and How to Stay well>


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PetAlive will also be unveiling 9 additional products to its extensive line of proven and trusted dog and cat natural remedies.

Watch out for more information on these great new natural remedies.


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"Which one of the formulas would be most effective for an adult who has had long-standing symptoms, such as difficulty in concentrating and retaining information, low frustration tolerance and irritability over the smallest things?"

- Patricia R.


Hi Patricia,

Thank you for your query.

Focus ADDult is an herbal remedy which is very helpful in teens and adults who have concentration problems and is especially beneficial when there are also low motivation issues or fatigue. Focus ADDult works very well to increase mental alertness and focus.

For mood disturbances, we would recommend our MindSoothe. Clinical research has demonstrated that the ingredients used in Mindsoothe are very effective, without the same risk of side effects commonly associated with other methods.

Used regularly, you should notice significant improvement within 3 - 5 weeks, although some people respond even sooner. Many people like to use our PureCalm drops while they are waiting for the MindSoothe to take full effect. PureCalm is wonderfully calming and relaxing without causing drowsiness. PureCalm contains selected herbs which help with the short term, symptomatic treatment of stress. Unlike MindSoothe, this remedy does not have to be taken every day, but can be used as needed. You will find PureCalm very helpful during the first few weeks of taking MindSoothe - thereafter most people find that they need to use it less and less.

For more info, please go to:

Focus ADDult



Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Warm regards,

The Native Remedies Team


"I have learning and concentration difficulties that I've had since I was a kid, and thought that it would go away when I became an adult. I was wondering what makes your product Focus ADDult different then prescription drugs?"

- Matt


Hi Matt,

Thank you for your query. You are to be commended for researching the use of natural alternatives.

The main difference is that our remedies contain no side effects and are 100% natural and safe using our Full Spectrum Approach. You can therefore feel quite confident in using Native Remedies as your trusted supplier of herbal and homeopathic medicines. In addition, all of our remedies come with unconditional One Year Money Back Guarantee.

For further info, please go to:

Focus ADDult

Full Spectrum Approach

One Year Money Back Guarantee

Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Warm regards,

The Native Remedies Team


"I am interested in your products for adult [concentration problems]. Do you have a store here in Hawaii? Thank you."

- Richard


Hi Richard,

Thank you for your query. You are to be commended for researching the use of natural alternatives.

Our remedies are not yet in stores nationwide, but are all available from the Native Remedies website at www.NativeRemedies.com and are shipped worldwide from our center in Florida. We have a large, satisfied customer base throughout the world and can therefore get the products to you quickly and cost effectively.

For more info on shipping costs, please go to:

Shipping Policy

Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Warm regards,

The Native Remedies Team

If you have a question for Michele, or any of our other experts, please visit Ask Our Experts on the Native Remedies website.

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