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Most dog owners know that we have to protect our precious pups from heartworms... but until recently, we didn't have to worry about our feline friends. Although cats are not the normal host for the heartworm parasite, it seems now that infection is still possible. Find out more...

Is Your Cat at Risk?
What You Need to Know About Heartworm in Cats

Is Your Cat at Risk?

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Can Your Cat Get Infected?

Any geographic area where dogs contract heartworm disease is also a hazardous area for cats. All it takes is one mosquito to infect your animal, so even indoor cats are at risk.

Although felines produce an antigen that allows them to ward off infection, when a cat’s immune system is compromised, damage caused by infection can be severe, and in some cases, deadly. As few as two heartworms have produced clinical signs of infection and even death in some cats.

During the first stage of heartworm disease, the heartworms enter a blood vessel and are carried to the pulmonary arteries, producing symptoms that are often misdiagnosed as asthma or allergic bronchitis. However, they are actually due to a syndrome newly defined as Heartworm Associated Respiratory Disease (HARD).

In a study performed in North Carolina, 28% of cats diagnosed with heartworm disease were indoor cats.

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Prevention is Key…

There are no approved products in the United States for the treatment of feline heartworm infection, so the best approach is prevention.

There are currently four FDA-approved prevention drugs available: Interceptor, Heartgard, Revolution, and Advantage Multi for Cats.

It is recommended that cats be tested for antigens and antibodies prior to the administration of a heartworm preventive.

Natural Remedies BOOST Immunity...

Supporting the cat’s immune system is also essential for prevention.

Natural remedies that support immunity in cats include herbs such as:

Echinacea, which supports the lymphatic system

Dandelion, known to contain bitter principles, which have a beneficial effect on the liver and digestive system

Milk thistle, regarded as one of the most important herbal liver tonics and restoratives.

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Combined with conventional prevention methods, natural remedies can help provide your pet with the best all-around support.

Tips to Prevent Heartworm Infection:
  • Feed pets a natural, well-balanced diet without preservatives, additives or colorants to boost their immune system

  • Include fresh, raw foods together with yeast and garlic to ward off mosquitoes

  • Ensure that your pets food and water bowls are made of stainless steel, not plastic and are always clean

  • Always have fresh, clean water available for your dog or cat

  • Make sure that your pet has regular exercise

  • Avoid using commercial flea products and limit the long-term use of heartworm prevention drugs

  • If you live in a mosquito-infested area, keep dogs and cats indoors in the late afternoon and evenings to avoid a mosquito attack

  • Use a natural insect repellant such as citronella oil and water to repel mosquitoes

  • Detox your pet regularly to get rid of an accumulation of toxins
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