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Whether they are true or not, most dog lovers are familiar with the bad reputations associated with certain dog breeds. But I bet you haven't heard about the latest new laws creeping up around the country. Find out if your pet will be affected, and what you can do to help stop aggressive behavior!

Is Sterilizing the Solution?
“Bully breeds” now under the radar

Is Sterilizing the Solution?

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There are many counties across the United States that have issued mandated spaying and neutering, instituted differential licensing, or placed restrictions on breeding.

While the intention of these laws is aimed at curbing stray animals, decreasing the number of animals that enter shelters, and hopefully lowering overall euthanasia rates—a new ordinance in Lancaster, California specifically targeting all Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and mixes of the breeds to be sterilized will soon go into effect.

As these breeds have already been under strict scrutiny for multiple reported attacks and their instinctually aggressive behavior, those in favor of the ordinance specifically want to see a decrease in gang activity related to dog fighting, injuries, and deaths.

In addition to the mandatory spay or neutering, owners will also be required to secure their property, ensure proper muzzling and leash restraints of the dog, and complete approved dog obedience training, according to the statement.

While your dog may or may not be affected by the new mandates, being a responsible dog owner affects everyone. Even the most well-mannered dog may occasionally act out, and it is important to take notice of any unusual behaviors, as these may be signs of an underlying health condition.

Herbal and homeopathic remedies have proven to be highly effective to soothe and calm your pet’s aggressive behavior to safely promote a more peaceful demeanor- naturally!

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Preventing Aggression Starts at Home – Tips for Pet Owners

  • Socialize your pet from an early age by exposing him to new people, other animals, places, situations and experiences

  • Continue to train your dog regularly after he has been socialized with 15 minute sessions of obedience training 2-3 times daily

  • Feed your pet a high-quality, all natural diet that contains vitamins, minerals and nutrients and supplement with natural remedies to promote calm

  • Look out for warning signs of aggressive behavior in your dog to try and avoid a dangerous situation

  • Exercise your pet regularly to release pent-up energy and stress

  • If your dog shows aggression towards another dog, remember to remain calm and do not panic – your dog will sense your panic and as a result will only become more aggressive

  • Take precautions if you know your dog is aggressive – use a muzzle when necessary, limit his contact with people or confine him to a cage or gated area

  • Do not play wrestling games or tug-of-war with your dog, as it encourages aggressive behavior 

Aggression Formula



Aggression Formula

Our 100% natural remedy encourages relaxation, calm and normal social behavior in your dog or cat, plus discourages aggression.

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