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Is your pet's behavior on par with that of a spoiled brat? Often changes in our routine or home life, like the arrival of a new baby or pet, can trigger anxiety and jealousy in our precious pet-kids. Even cats and dogs who are normally quiet and calm can be affected! Read on to find out more in this month's newsletter...

Is Your Pet Acting Like a Punk?
How to stop bad behavior for a happier home

Pet Acting Like a Punk

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Are you tired of the chewing and the whining and the all around bad behavior from your pet? Did you know that cat or your dog can experience jealous too? Not only can they experience it, but they can outwardly display jealous behavior in a number of not-so-fun ways.

If your pet is anxious, it may start chewing, scratching or hiding objects. Common objects of these behaviors include shoes and furniture and just about anything they can get their jealous little paws on!

Urinating indoors is another way pets show they are experiencing anxiety over a change in the household routine.

Sometimes pets will even feel the need to compete for their owner’s attention and so if your pet is displaying aggressiveness by staring, growling and even biting, it's time to tackle the issue before it gets out of hand.

Aggressive behavior can understandably become a source of great distress for owners who don’t understand why their normally sweet-natured pet is behaving in such bad and uncommon ways.

Our little Maltese can be such a sweetheart, but he is very jealous and will not allow anyone near us without growling. Your Aggression Formula has done wonders. I won't say that he loves other people more, but just that he is more relaxed. He may have a bit of a growl, but it is more like a grumble - which is a big relief! Now I can have friends again!


Tips for Dealing With a Jealous Pet

  • Try to determine the reason for the jealousy. Is it a new baby, a new pet or a new significant other? Determining what’s triggering your pet's jealousy will provide you with insight as to how to handle it. Regardless of the cause, give your pet plenty of time to adjust to the change.

  • Try to stick to established routines. While this may be a challenge in some situations, keeping your pet’s normal feeding and walking schedules will help a great deal in adjusting to changes at home. Pets have a tendency to get stressed when there's a break in routine.

  • Give your pet plenty of reassuring attention and affection. Whether your pet is jealous of a human or another pet, showing him love and affection will send him the message that he’s not being replaced.

  • Play with your pet a few minutes each day. It provides both you and your pet with a bonding experience, not to mention fun for both of you.

  • If a new member of the household is the reason behind the jealousy, don’t pressure your pet to bond with the new addition; let it happen naturally and gradually. Your pet will warm up when he's ready.

  • Watch for behavioral cues. Aggressive behaviors can usually be averted by spotting warning signs like targeted staring or dominance posturing, such as mounting or body language such as lips pulled tightly and the tail held up or down in a stiff manner.

“Shiba, smile!”

Shiba, smile

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If your pet is a canine and the cause of its jealousy is a new dog, you will have to be aware of the possibility of a fight between them.  Some fights occur with little warning, but there are behaviors that signal obvious trouble ahead, so use that opportunity to keep a fight from breaking out.

Keep in mind that if a fight occurs, dogs tend to establish a social hierarchy soon after meeting. Heavy barking and growling are some of the ways dogs establish who the dominant male is. As always, natural remedies can be used by pet owners to restore harmony to their household.

Ingredients like Chamomile are used for their natural calming properties and can help to soothe behavior in your pet. Hepar. sulph. (30C) is a homeopathic ingredient often recommended for oversensitive, restless pets (and even people) that hide their angst by displaying irritability, and those who take unreasonable likes or dislikes to others.

Both these ingredients are in our PetCalm remedy, as well as Scullcap is another well-regarded natural ingredient used to support the nervous system. Scullcap may be used for situational problems linked to a demanding event such as a trip to the vet or a competitive event or as a general tonic used to support the entire nervous system, encouraging calm behavior while also soothing tempered pets.

These techniques combined with natural remedies can help provide emotional and behavioral support for your pet, which makes for ultimately a happier pet and owner!





Try our 100% natural herbal remedy to soothe your pet's nervousness. PetCalm promotes calm and emotional balance in highly strung cats and dogs of all sizes.

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