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Summer is here! This means it's time for outdoor fun, barbecues, beach excursions and the inevitable, blistering heat. But did you know some foods can actually help cool your body down plus support digestion and metabolism? Find out how to chill out this summer, the healthy way!

Cool Down and Tone Up? Yes!
Advantages of Eating the Ayurvedic Way

Advantages of Eating the Ayurvedic Way


If staying cool and getting healthy are your goals this summer, we've got you covered! According to Ayurvedic medicine, summer’s heat can be alleviated by consuming astringent vegetables combined with "cooling herbs".

The warmer months are the prime time to find healthy fruits, vegetables and herbs, especially of the kind Ayurvedic medicine calls “cooling”, such as collard greens, chard, spinach, salad greens, celery, summer squash, dill, mint, and cucumbers.

Even better, for once, you can stop calorie counting! Fruits and vegetables are low in calories and offer essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs in order to be in top shape. These foods also have a high water content, which our bodies need more of when temperatures start to soar. 


How Does Eating the Ayurvedic Way Work?


I have followed your weight management program along with EcoSlim and Slimmer's Assist and have already lost 7 kg in the past month - even though I must admit I cheated a bit as well. I feel very motivated to carry on and firmly believe that your products have helped to correct an imbalance that has been causing me to put on weight, even when I ate a healthy diet. I am also very grateful for all your help and support. Janine, CT, USA


The main principle of Ayurvedic medicine considers
the body as a whole, where all systems are interconnected.

Many ailments are caused by an imbalance within the body, and a healthy natural diet that includes fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables is sometimes all that is needed to restore this natural balance. Therefore, eating a healthy, natural diet can help alleviate many pre-existing ailments and conditions.

Another thing to keep in mind is how we treat our digestive systems. Many forms of traditional medicine, including Ayurvedic and Chinese, advise against the consumption of ice-cold beverages, especially before eating.

Cold beverages slow the digestive “fire”, making it harder to digest and extract nutrients from the foods we eat. Ideally, beverages should be enjoyed at room temperature, or barely chilled. At minimum, avoid cold beverages immediately before and after meals.

This summer, stay cool by limiting:

  • Ice cold water, juice, and soda
    Although it may seem like a good idea to cool you down, ice cold drinks actually slow down the digestive process. This makes takes a toll on the digestive system and puts you at risk for constipation and a sluggish metabolism. Accompanying a hot meal with an ice cold beverage is especially advised against.
To promote regular bowel movements, try Natural Moves™. To promote healthy digestion and comfort after meals, try DigestAssist
  • Ice cream and popsicles
    Consuming these as a treat once in while is ok, but overindulging in these high-calorie sugary goodies puts you at risk for packing on some pounds, which will make you suffer from the heat even more.

To maintain a healthy weight & balanced metabolism, plus assist slimming programs, try EcoSlim™. To support normal levels of systemic Candida and balanced probiotic flora in the body, try Candidate

  • Foods that are high in fat
    Try to stick to lean protein such as turkey, chicken and fish, especially during the warmer months. These are easier to digest and are lower in calories and won’t leave you with that heavy, lethargic feeling.

For healthy energy levels, vitality and stamina, try Fatigue Fighter

  • Junk food
    Junk food is never good for you, but the high sodium in these salty snacks is particularly harmful in the summer when your body needs to stay hydrated.

To promote natural cleansing, detoxification and toxin elimination, try Detox Drops

As always, natural remedies can help you at every step of the way. Whether it’s to support weight-loss efforts and digestion or promote healthy energy levels, nature provides us with everything we need to stay healthy, fit and cool …naturally!

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"I am 40 years old (male), 5 feet 5 inches in height and weigh 84 kgs. I need to lose weight.

I have tried diet programs and exercise for 30 minutes a day, but am not able to lose weight. I have a lot of cravings for food. Please suggest what product I can use... Thank you."

--Brendan D.


We can recommend our EcoSlim™ to assist your slimming program. This is a healthy herbal supplement which can help to maintain a healthy weight and balanced metabolism without harming your health.

We also recommend that you add our Triple Complex Slimmer's Assist™ to your daily supplements. This will help to increase the bioavailability of nutrients and other biochemicals necessary to improve sluggish digestion, boost metabolism and aid in the healthy elimination of fat.

The Native Remedies Team

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