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Summer's nearing an end... and whether your child is returning to the classroom or you'll be returning to work after vacation, you can expect a challenge or two -- and sometimes it's not facing a task, but rather a peer. Here are some tips for dealing with difficulties, at any age!

Back to School & Back to Bullies?
How to Help Your Child (Or Yourself) Build Better Social Skills

How to Help Your Child (Or Yourself) Build Better Social Skills


School and work can be stressful enough… dealing with deadlines, assignments, and outside obligations. Throw in maintaining friendships- or dodging bullies- and you’ve got quite a full plate! Especially for children and adults suffering from ADD/ADHD or other learning and concentration difficulties, making friends or keeping the peace with others can be frustrating and difficult.

While popularity in youth does not always correlate to success as an adult, certain traits that popular kids often possess, such as an outgoing personality and good people skills, undoubtedly can give them an edge later in life. In addition, research has shown the health benefits of friendship, including relieving stress, overcoming bad habits like smoking. Friendships can also provide great emotional comfort, which in turn affects social, emotional, and physical health.

Learning Difficulties.

Learning and concentration difficulties can cause various kinds of disturbances with human interaction and limit one’s ability to get close to others. Sometimes, children and adults are embarrassed or shy in group situations and withdraw from normal socializing. While some people may overcome their shyness with age, for others, extreme shyness may lead to social phobia or anxiety in adulthood. Individuals may avoid working in an office, or avoid social situations at all costs.


While common and mild shyness may result in physical symptoms, such as blushing or stammering – extreme shyness can be accompanied by panic attacks – causing symptoms such as increased heart rate, sweating, nausea and shaking. Combined with the symptoms often accompanied by ADD/ADHD, this could spell trouble for healthy interactions and maintaining focus on priorities at hand.


The opposite scenario may be individuals who have outbursts, hyperactive and/or uncontrollable behavior – all which may offend or scare others off – whether in the classroom or the boardroom, resulting in a different kind of negative response from others.

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What Can Help?

Regardless of the types of concentration challenges at hand, social skill building is pretty much the same. Start slowly by introducing new types of social activities. If your child has never participated in a team sport or club, encourage him or her to join a team or attend a hobby club meeting of their choice. It may push them out of their comfort zone temporarily, but having interactions outside a structured classroom setting can help them gain confidence and release pent-up energy. Just be sure to monitor activities, as ADD/ADHD children may have a strong sense of competitiveness that may need to be tamed.

For adults, joining a gym or taking an adult continuing education class can provide the same benefits, as we tend to get accustomed to our routines of work or other obligations and often end up in the same social circles – not growing our communication skills.

If your child appears to be stressed about interactions with peers at school, try and talk to them and figure out what’s causing the problem. Sometimes a sibling or big brother/big sister mentor can help provide a different perspective and help them build self-esteem to overcome social challenges if they seem uncomfortable reaching out to you. As adults, bouncing situations off a trusted friend can help shed light on a frustrating situation and help you find a way to work through it.

In addition, acknowledge the challenges unique to ADD/ADHD or other learning and concentration difficulties. By keeping these in mind, you can help your child adapt to different situations, or remind yourself that while you may have to put in a little extra effort, the benefits of improved social interactions will be worth the health rewards!





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"I’m twenty-two and currently work in an office setting.  I must communicate effectively everyday.  I speak on the phones almost every minute of my work day.  I often find myself distracted by other employees.  Budgets are tight and so is money to begin with, of course we all know this… but I’m tired of wasted money and bodily destruction, as I’ve seen and been introduced to in the past from an early age. Could someone please help me with ingredients or hints as to what natural products to use? As I’ve got older, I believe more now in natural everything than anything.  Please help."



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Be aware that lifestyle factors like diet, health and fitness levels will all play a part in concentration and overall cognitive functioning. Each product is effective on its own – however, the best recommendation is a combination of the two products.

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