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While there are many disadvantages to ADD/ADHD, there may be some advantages as well- such as compassion, playfulness, enthusiasm, and creativity! Read on for how to make the most of the positives and minimize the negatives!

Are there “ADDvantages” to ADD/ADHD?
Positive personality traits sometimes paired with ADD/ADHD

Positive personality traits sometimes paired with ADD/ADHD


While many are quick to point out the "negative" personality traits often associated with ADD/ADHD such as impulsivity, high frustration levels, and indecisiveness, there are many positive traits that unfortunately may go unnoticed.

Some of these include compassion, playfulness, enthusiasm and creativity. While parents and employers alike applaud these characteristics in any child or employee, often these traits are not being taken full advantage of.



Compassion is enhanced for some with ADD/ADHD, which allows for a deeper connection and ability to empathize with fellow individuals. With this added capacity, it seems that those with ADD/ADHD may be able to better see more perspectives of situations and give more objective advice.

The next time you are told a story about someone’s personal woes, keep an open mind, be sensitive of their feelings and offer an ear. Speaking compassionately is also an exercise to practice; this is a gesture which excludes criticism, judgment or demands. Compassion may be hard to practice sometimes, but listening is the main component of successfully being compassionate.

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Playfulness is a benefit in all relationships; laughter, humor and play are some of the best communicators. When a person has the ability to laugh through trials and tribulations, this person in considered to have an “easy-going” demeanor and is regarded as a benefit in families and the workplace.

Some people with ADD/ADHD have been known to have a playful attitude, and can take any situation in stride. While being playful can foster relationships and support emotional well-being, it can also enrich interactions that keep relationships exciting and carefree.

Try laughing more through the day, even when there is nothing to laugh at. Send funny notes and cards to exercise being playful; you never know, someone may play along with you. 


Enthusiasm is a spark that some with ADD/ADHD possess, and those who have it can usually easily influence others' mood. Enthusiasm encourages action and success. Being genuine is the key to enthusiasm; being genuinely interested in a conversation, idea, or the explicit details of a thought or story helps to forge relationships. 

Smiling, saying hello, and asking how someone is doing could create a positive chain in the environment. Acting passionately is another key to creating a positive environment.

Throughout the day, do something you are passionate about, like running, scrapbooking, or spending time with the family. Just these simple steps could send you and the people around you into a better state of mind.

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Some experts believe that creativity and ADD/ADHD go hand in hand. Many times this is looked at as a negative trait due to the association between creativity and daydreaming. However, some of our most talented painters, inventors and musicians who were chastised for their constant daydreaming were also awarded for their creative nature.

Creativity can bring about the most original ideas, and this opens a door for those with entrepreneurial initiatives. Trying to craft your life to inspire new ideas may seem like an intimidating task, but this can be quite simple. Try to set a routine and a path for yourself to follow, whether it is researching for work or writing new music. In addition, don’t get discouraged if an idea doesn’t “pan out”; creativity is often something that manifests itself, not occurring always like a strike of lightening!

Learning how to maximize personality traits can be rewarding and allow forward thinking. By using some of these simple techniques combined with the best time management routine for yourself, you can improve relationships, goals, achievements and even your health!

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