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Ready for holiday dinner? Even if you're not a turkey fan, other foods are also good sources of tryptophan, an essential amino acid. Read on for how to incorporate tryptophan into your diet, this holiday season and everyday, for a variety of health benefits.

Can Turkey Help Me Concentrate?
And Other Ways Tryptophan Influences Health

Can Turkey Help Me Concentrate?


A common staple on many tables this Thanksgiving, turkey is the one of the most well-known sources of tryptophan, one of 10 essential amino acids the body uses to synthesize the proteins it needs.

Responsible for the production of many nervous system messengers, tryptophan acts as a precursor for serotonin, a neurotransmitter that assists the body's natural ability to regulate appetite, sleep patterns, and mood- all of which can exacerbate symptoms of ADD/ADHD when out of balance.

BrightSpark™ relieves hyperactivity, distractibility and impulsiveness in children, encouraging balanced mood and improving concentration.

Because of the link between tryptophan and serotonin, deficiency can resemble symptoms of ADD/ADHD such as irritability, impatience, impulsiveness, and inability to concentrate. Low serotonin levels are also associated with depression, anxiety, weight gain, overeating, carbohydrate cravings and insomnia.

Triple Complex Mood Tonic™ is taken internally to support normal serotonin levels, and is safe for all ages, as well as during pregnancy and nursing.

Numerous studies have shown that hyperactivity sufferers often have low serotonin levels, and tryptophan can help to elevate those levels.

Foods rich in tryptophan include red meat, dairy products, nuts, seeds, bananas, soybeans and soy products, tuna, shrimp, and of course, turkey. The National Academy of Sciences recommends that all individuals 1 year of age or greater consume 7 milligrams of tryptophan for every 1 gram of food protein, which is about 392 mg of tryptophan for adult males 322 mg for adult females.

Poor diet, lifestyle, and health conditions can also reduce the conversion of tryptophan to serotonin, such as high sugar intake, excess protein, smoking, alcohol overindulgence, hypoglycemia and diabetes.

The importance of a holistic approach to health cannot be stressed enough, as the body's state of health reflects nutrition and lifestyle; taking proper care of the body is key for concentration and focus.

Insulate Plus™ helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels plus promotes pancreatic health.

In addition, herbal and homeopathic natural remedies can greatly support balanced well-being and should be incorporated into your daily regimen. They can assist with many health concerns, from supporting focus and concentration to mood, sleep and much more.

The holiday season can be overwhelming, especially for those with ADHD, but continuing to care for your body and mind on a daily basis will keep you and your loved ones on the right track, for a healthy holiday season and beyond!

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"My granddaughter just got diagnosed and we are looking for natural remedies to help her through this difficult time. She has problems concentrating, staying still, and putting her things away. Just doing everyday tasks are so difficult for her. She cannot remember to do 2 tasks. She is 7 years old. Please help us."

--Susan B.


Hi Susan,

We have two great products that can help, BrightSpark and Focus Formula. Both are proven with thousands of satisfied children, adolescents and adults, and are non-addictive with no side effects.

BrightSpark is a homeopathic remedy for relieving hyperactivity, distractibility and impulsiveness, and Focus Formula is an herbal remedy to support concentration and attention and normal energy levels.

While BrightSpark works on the symptoms for fast relief, Focus Formula works to provide ongoing support. By using a combination of two remedies that work differently, you have the best chance for success.

The Native Remedies Team

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