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Every January, many people strive to set personal goals to accomplish. For those with ADD/ADHD who already struggle with procrastination or mandatory deadlines, establishing voluntary goals may seem futile-- but doing so may make both obligatory and optional resolutions more attainable!

A Fresh Take on Tradition

Mastering New Year's Resolutions with ADD/ADHD


Mastering New Year's Resolutions with ADD/ADHD


What does “resolution” mean to you? It may seem like a scary term, evoking thoughts of failure if not perfectly completed. However, defining resolution in this way only builds up the additional pressure, making initiating a resolution that much more unlikely, let alone an attainable goal.

A few simple strategies can overcome common obstacles and help you have the healthiest year yet!

Control Your Mindset

Instead of fearing resolutions, why not welcome them and take advantage of a rare opportunity that comes with no fine print, but rather stipulations we actually control, and outcomes that only offer benefits? Whether or not you’ve previously had characteristic avoidance of resolutions attributed to ADD/ADHD or otherwise, challenge yourself this year and resolve to take action!

Triple Complex Brain Tonic™ Homeopathic remedy relieves forgetfulness and mental fatigue, and increases alertness

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Put Resolutions in Writing

Just like any other item on your task list, put your resolution at the forefront so you have a regular reminder and motivation to set aside time for it. Put a daily alarm on your phone or post a stickie note on your bathroom mirror so there’s no excuse for "forgetting" to do it.

Secondly, realize it’s ok to start small, especially for big goals that will require multiple levels of change. Focus in on clearly definable goals and set timelines that are reasonable but still challenging. Finally, as cliché as it may be, don’t be afraid to pull some wise quotes into play: as Mark Twain said, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

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Look Back to Look Ahead

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If you’re revisiting a resolution you’ve set out to accomplish once (or twice) before, identify the problems that interrupted you from crossing the finish line in the past. Was it because of a self-fulfilling prophecy like “I don’t have time for ‘x’” or a challenge such as “I can’t do ‘x’ because I don’t have ‘resource y’”?

Find alternate solutions, such as taking turns babysitting with friends to create some alone time or exercising at home if you can’t afford a pricey gym membership. While it may not be your preferred way, it’s still a step in the right direction.

Don’t forget too that many natural remedies can help provide extra support, too!

Keep Your Eye on the Goal

Visualize success in your resolution setting, regardless of circumstances that may arise to throw plans off kilter… that’s just life, not means for defeat! Overcoming obstacles requires patience and determination, but nothing feels better than finishing a plan you set your mind to accomplish.

Guided imagery can support feelings of confidence and well-being. Practice progressive relaxation exercises with the The Calm Within CD

Be Accountable – Tell a Friend

When the going gets tough, the tough enlist the help of a confidant. Whether that person is your spouse, sibling or old roommate with whom you have a tight bond, don’t hesitate to seek help and encouragement. When you’re the only person who knows that you didn’t hit the treadmill or organize your closet this week, it’s much easier to let patterns of inaction repeat.

However, once you have a cheerleader, you gain two-fold motivation to actually accomplish your goals: you don’t want to disappoint him or her, plus it feels good to have someone's support on difficult days.

Finally... Pat Yourself on the Back

Remember to stay positive throughout your resolution journey and commend your efforts for making steps for change. You’ll likely see that putting in some firm determination to accomplish your resolutions will also help you stay focused and motivated to finish all your daily tasks in a more efficient, effortless way.

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“My 20-year-old-son went off his prescription meds [mainly due to side effects]. His impulsivity has increased significantly: car accidents, tickets, non-thinking behaviors. He is in the military and in college- we need something that will work for him… He used exercise in Basic/AIT, did fairly well, but since being home, structure, organization and lots of impulsive behaviors are reigning in his life, affecting friendships, finances, school. Thanks.”

-- Damaris


BrightSpark and Focus ADDult™ are both proven over thousands of satisfied adolescents and adults, and are non-addictive with no side effects. Taken together, they address symptoms and the cause. BrightSpark is a homeopathic remedy for relieving hyperactivity, distractibility and impulsiveness for fast relief, while Focus ADDult is an herbal remedy to promote concentration, focus and attention span for ongoing support.

Be aware that regular exercise, sufficient sleep and a healthy, balanced diet will all play a part in concentration and overall cognitive functioning, so do encourage these as well.

The Native Remedies Team

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