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There is a lot of truth behind the adage, 'you are what you eat!' Research has shown that omega-3 provides many benefits, and deficiency may even lead to health problems- including increased ADD/ADHD symptoms! Read on for ways to increase omega-3.

Omega-3: The Natural Rx for ADD/ADHD?

How this fatty acid may relieve symptoms & improve health


How this fatty acid helps relieve symptoms and improve health

Some early research has shown that children suffering from symptoms of ADD/ADHD may be lacking the appropriate levels of certain essential fatty acids in their bodies- specifically, omega-3.

A study comparing boys with low levels of omega-3 exhibited ADD/ADHD symptoms like impulsivity and hyperactivity more often than boys with normal omega-3 levels.

Another study showed fish oil with omega-3 to be effective in reducing symptoms of ADD/ADHD. In a study with school-age children, participants were given fish oil supplements with omega-3 for three months. They showed improvements in behavior, reading, and spelling- thus demonstrating that the omega-3 was a likely contributing factor to better behavior.

Other Potential Benefits of Omega-3

Along with ADD/ADHD, there are a wide range of other health issues that may be triggered or exacerbated by omega-3 deficiencies in the body. However, increasing levels of omega-3 may help combat such ailments and actually provide other health benefits, including helping to lower the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and arthritis.

Daily Doses of Omega-3

Omega-3 can be found in various foods and supplements, and for parents, helping your child eat healthy, balanced meals and including a fish oil supplement to your child’s diet can help provide stable nutrients and help fight ADD/ADHD symptoms.


Other Foods Rich in Omega-3:

Grape leaves
Kidney beans 
Olive Oil
Winter squash


To boost your child’s omega-3 intake, eating more fish is a great place to start. The brain-boosting power in fish (especially salmon) is phenomenal. Several types of fish, including mackerel, lake trout, herring, sardines, albacore tuna, and wild caught salmon, are great sources of omega-3. However, some parents have a hard time getting their children to eat fish. Try buying salmon burgers or easy to dip fish sticks for picky kids.

To relieve hyperactivity, distractibility and impulsiveness in children with attention problems, try BrightSpark

If you are concerned about overdosing your child with omega-3, begin by slowly introducing small doses of fish and leafy greens into his or her diet. In addition, natural remedies such as Hyoscyamus or Tuberculinum can greatly reduce ADD/ADHD symptoms and help provide complete support.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with foods naturally rich in omega-3; your child may decide he or she likes broccoli better than donuts!

For added support with focus and concentration, try Focus Formula

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“My son takes BrightSpark and we have recently added omega-3 fish oil and I wanted to make sure it was ok to give him this in addition to the BrightSpark?”



You will be pleased to know that due to the high safety profile of our ingredients, it is perfectly safe for your child to take our BrightSpark in combination with his supplements as well as with prescription medication.

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