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In today’s modern world, we often run frantically too and fro without giving our bodies a proper break for meals. Whether this translates into actual ‘fast’ food or simply eating too fast, your health could be suffering. Check out our guide for healthy eating, even on the run!

Are Your Eating Habits Harming Your Health?

Don't be a statistic - Simple tips for eating well


How Poor Eating Habits Harm Your Health

March is National Nutrition Month, and health statistics are shocking. The United States has the highest rate of obesity, heart disease and diabetes of any developed nation in the world.

Food doesn’t only impact our physical health, it plays an essential role in our emotional health as well. When we eat fast food frequently or rush through meals, we are essentially telling our body we don’t have time to nurture it.

A better option is to be mindful when we eat and what we are eating, which means being present each bite we take, keeping in mind that food is meant to nourish our body. Try counting the number of times a single piece of food is chewed and expand on that number each time you sit down for a meal.

How exactly does fast food impact your health?

Fast foods contain more fat than your average meal, putting you at risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Instead of a fast food burger, try the lean beef (preferably sourced from grass-fed cattle), turkey, or veggie patties available at your local market. Cooking them in the oven is a healthy and simple way to prepare them. Add a few veggies, nix the bulky bread and you have a delicious and healthy meal.

The sodium content in fast foods is significantly higher than that found in freshly cooked meals. It raises arterial blood pressure, with significant adverse effects on the circulatory system and the heart, putting you at risk for chronic hypertension. On the other hand, when you cook at home, you have complete control over the amount of salt you add to your meals.

Try Cholesto-Rite  to help maintain cholesterol levels already within normal range, plus promote complete cardiovascular health

Fast foods also load your body with toxins and preservatives, which can leave you feeling bloated, sluggish and tired. Cooking meals with whole, fresh ingredients, such as lean proteins and dairy, fruits, and vegetables, is the best way to help maintain overall health and energy levels.


“I have followed your weight management program along with EcoSlim™ and Slimmer's Assist and have already lost 7 kg in the past month - even though I must admit I cheated a bit as well. I feel very motivated to carry on and firmly believe that your products have helped to correct an imbalance that has been causing me to put on weight, even when I ate a healthy diet. I am also very grateful for all your help and support.”

— Janine, CT, USA


In addition, most fast foods contain virtually no essential vitamins and nutrients as well as low amounts of fiber. This taxes the immune system and hampers the delicate digestive processes.

Thankfully, some fast food restaurants do offer healthier options such as baked potatoes and salads, but care should be taken regarding topping and dressing choices. A good alternative is to bring your own low-fat dressings or toppings with you for fast food fixes. 

To promote regular bowel movements, try Natural Moves™ and to promote healthy digestion and comfort after meals, try DigestAssist

Finally, recent scientific studies have shown that foods rich in fats, refined sugar and salt could modify hormonal secretions in the body and actually make you crave fast food more and more.

Whether to promote energy levels and or support detoxification efforts, natural remedies have been used for centuries to promote well-rounded health and harmony in each of the body’s systems.

Try Fatigue Fighter™ to promote healthy energy levels, stamina and vitality and Detox Drops™ to promote natural cleansing, detoxification and toxin elimination

Combined with a healthy eating plan and mindful eating practices, you can take control of your health and improve your nutrition!

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“I’m seeking a natural option for weight management. Please advise. Thanks. ”



We can recommend our EcoSlim™, an herbal remedy especially formulated to help maintain a healthy weight and balanced metabolism plus assist slimming programs.

We also recommend our Triple Complex Slimmer's Assist™, composed of biochemic tissue salts that promote health at the cellular level. This remedy will help increase the bioavailability of nutrients and other biochemicals necessary to improve sluggish digestion, boost metabolism and aid in the healthy elimination of fat.

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