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Whether or not you’re past the age of school-mandated summer vacations, you may still plan them for your children or schedule them in to give yourself a mid-year break. Check out our tips to stay organized and healthy!

Is Your Brain Already on Vacation?

ADHD Tips and Strategies for All Summer Plans


ADHD Tips and Strategies for All Summer Plans

Have you caught yourself daydreaming about your upcoming vacation way too far in  advance? It’s pretty easy to fall into this trap, particularly for those who struggle with concentration and focus related to ADHD or other learning disorders.

It is without a doubt much more stimulating to envision ourselves relaxing in our chosen destination than completing a tedious assignment.

However, these thoughts can be distracting and detrimental to productivity at hand, possibly creating problems at school or work.

While of course not every task we must complete will be exciting, having a pre-vacation plan in place will help keep daily priorities on track and ensure that once you do go on holiday, there won’t be any major surprises to interfere with fun! 

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Get Organized

Establish a series of 3 lists to check off as you enter vacation countdown, beginning with to-do items for a month out, then 1 week before, then finally 1 day before departure (or whatever works for you).



Summer vacation shouldn’t mean a break from natural remedies! Keep your child on a regularly scheduled maintenance dose to ensure continued support and effectiveness, since many remedies take 3-6 weeks for optimum results.

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For instance, on your month-in-advance list, be sure to note to order any remedies your child and/or you regularly take to make sure you receive uninterrupted dosage (see our side panel for more information), schedule a pet sitter or make arrangements for your pet to be boarded, etc.  

A week in advance, you may want to note to pay any upcoming bills, make arrangements to get to the airport or have your car checked, etc. A day in advance, note any last-minute tasks such as double-checking your suitcase and watering plants.

Pass your list around to your family members or friends that will be traveling with you to ensure you didn’t miss any important points and to notify them of responsibilities.

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Stay Focused

In the weeks leading up to vacation, make sure you and your family follow a holistic approach to health by getting enough sleep, maintaining exercise routines, and eating a balanced, nutritious diet.

If you tend to daydream the most towards the end of the work day, try to schedule the most critical tasks earlier on in the day when you are the most alert and focused. If you have school-aged children, help them stay on track by utilizing a planner and adding little notes of your own to them to ensure they are managing projects and staying on top of priorities.

If kids are getting a little restless, encourage them to participate in an extra half hour of outdoor exercise, as this has been shown to discourage symptoms of ADHD and improve focus.

Enjoy Vacation!

Especially for ADHD children and adults who are accustomed to following a structured routine, the freedom of vacation can cause what are normally manageable symptoms to spiral out of control.

Maintain Some Structure. As much as possible, particularly for younger children, try to uphold most of the same routines followed at home, such as usual bedtime, bath time, and mealtimes. These were likely quite difficult to initially establish, and vacation shouldn’t undo all those efforts! When you do have to deviate from regular schedule, explain to your children the reasons why and reinforce that the next day will be back to normal.

Keep Dosage Consistent. Ensure symptom control and remedy effectiveness when you return home by continuing to follow regular dosage instructions. Also, don’t forget to have remedies on hand to help control common travel concerns such as flight anxiety, motion sickness, digestive upset, etc. Natural remedies offer safe, fast-acting solutions for travel health.

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“My daughter has difficulty staying focused in school. She specifically has problems with math and reading.  

She will be taking a remedial math class and getting tutoring during the summer.  I really do not want to put my daughter on meds and would like something natural.

What is your recommendation?

--Judith J.


BrightSpark™ and Focus Formula are both proven effective by thousands of satisfied children, adolescents and adults, and are non-addictive with no side effects.

Homeopathic BrightSpark relieves hyperactivity, distractibility and impulsiveness in children with attention problems, helping the body restore balance at a cellular level and improve concentration so kids can focus.

Herbal Focus Formula maintains health and systemic balance for healthy brain and nervous system functioning, thereby supporting concentration, a healthy attention span, information processing and memory.

By using a combination of two remedies that work differently, your daughter will have the best chance for success.

The Native Remedies Team

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